A Million Pictures a Year

The one thing that jumps out at customers when they visit our web site is the number of photographs we provide of each car. We take up to 30 photos of every car we offer. Since we sell about 4,000 cars a month (as of June 2012), that means we take more than 120,000 photos each month. That’s a lot of photos, and it puts a lot of stress on our camera (and our photographer). Why so many photos? Because we think our customers deserve as much information as we can give them. If i0t was practical, we’d show you even more.

When we began selling cars online, we asked ourselves some questions: How could we distinguish ourselves from the competition? How could we gain the confidence of our customers and make our site their first choice when shopping for a car? We took a look at other web sites and noticed they offered only a few photos of each car. You couldn’t tell much from such a small sample of pictures. We realized the answer to our questions was more pictures, and better pictures.

 So we started taking photos. We took photos from every possible angle – the outside, the inside, the undercarriage, the accessories, the gas cap – everything we could think of. We sent one of our earliest clients, who lived in the U.K., over 100 photos of a car. He was amazed. He’d never received so many photos from the companies he’d done business with in the past. The photos convinced him we were dealing in good faith, and he decided to purchase the car.

A Million Car Pictures a Year

A Million Car Pictures a Year

That kind of trust is why we continue to take so many photos even now. We want our customers to have confidence in us from the beginning. Experience has taught us that 28 to 30 photos per car is the ideal number. It’s not easy to produce 120,000 photographs every month, but we think it’s worth it. It’s our responsibility to our customers, and we take pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.