Welcome to our office!!

“Welcome to our office!!”


Our office is located in Chofu city, Tokyo.
It takes 16 minutes by train from center of Tokyo (Shinjuku).

This is the Chofu staition. It takes only 1 minute from the station to our office.

From the station, many buses depart.
Over there, you can see the department store.

From our office windows, we can enjoy nice view of Chofu station.

BE FORWARD office is on the 7th floor in Maruzen Building.

This is the entrance of the building.

This is the entrance of the office.

This is sales section. There are 11 computers for purchase vehicle.
We purchase the vehicle from Auto-auction all over Japan.

Sales person Masa is trying to purchase vehicles from auctions.

“Oh! He has just bought the excellent Corolla!”
We normally purchase 40-60 vehicles a day.

Here is sales assistant section.
“We are enjoying talking with you!”

Here is shipping section.
“We are arranging the export of customer’s important vehicles.

Here is booking section.
“We are arranging the export of customer’s important vehicles.”

We keep our vehicles in this main yard which is near USS Tokyo,
the biggest car auction in Japan.
Over 1000 vehicles can be parked in this yard.
We have more vehicles at 7 different yards in Japan.
To ensure delivery of your ordered vehicles, we are working as the above photos
BE FORWARD CO.,LTD. (Tokyo office)

(The FAX number has been changed.)
Web: http://www.beforward.jp/
Email: info-cv@beforward.jp
Regular Holiday : Sunday & Saturday