Thank you for precious pictures

Dear Our valued customers,

Thank you very much for sending us precious pictures. I have reviewed them all personally and must tell you that I was quite touched!

And I could not help but sharing my Joy with all of my staff, so I circulated them in the office. My staff was also extremely excited as they viewed the pictures: most of them expressed that they realized the importance of their responsibilities; some said they were very proud to be able to serve you as a professional . And we all concluded that the pictures you have sent to us are not just “photos,” but they are, rather, your message that you support us!

Support from customers — what more could we expect as an exporter!!

We will, if we may, use pictures from every single one of you in our website. You will be able to see them once the current renewal process is completed. (We hope you won’t mind that some of them may appear smaller on the site than others as we have a limited space.)

Thank you, once again, for your warm thoughts. We, at BE FORWARD, appreciated your taking time out of your busy day to send us the photos.

Your support and efforts meant the world to us and it made us proud to be in this business we love.Please do not hesitate to communicate with us of your needs and requests as we promise to BE in our top gear to drive FORWARD to better serve you.

Warm Regards,
Hironori Yamakawa