A letter from President of BE FORWARD

Dear Our Valued Customer,

We hope everything is going well with you.

We, at BE FORWARD , are to inform all of you that Carview Corporation has strongly recommended us to use their newly revised system of PayTrade for the use of their site, “tradecarview.” As some of you may have already known, PayTrade is an account-settling system that undertakes the receipt of customer’s payment for the vehicle(s) purchased through the website of “tradecarview.” The system was originally developed and executed, by strong requests of several governmental organizations in African countries, in an attempt to prevent the damanges caused by the act of fraud by unethical exporters. And we are here today to announce that we are totally “in sync” with them.

The details of this PayTrade-Service can be best elaborated by one of the FAQs listed in their website as resumes:
FAQ ? For Buyers

Can I use the services offered though tradecarview if I am not a member?Where can I check terms of use for PayTrade?How much does it cost to use “PayTrade”?

Carview charges the PayTrade fee as follows; the handling charge US$50.00 and 3.9% of the transaction amount*. (The minimum charge is US$150.00.)
*The minimum charge: Even if the total amount of the PayTrade service fee (Handling fee US$50.00 + 3.9% of the transaction* amount) is under US$150.00, US$150.00 will be charged as PayTrade service fee.
*Transaction amount: excluding Carview’s Usage Fees from the total amount of the Invoice

As it is well-explained above, customers are required to pay the extra service charge to Carview Corporation in addition to the vehicle price and its shipping cost.

And we are to cooperate with the above system and, at the same time, suggest you today, if we may, to look into our own website for your search and purchase of the vehicles. We do not require any extra charges from the customers: it will be just the cost for the vehicle(s) and its(their) shipping. So, if you find us worthy of the trust and would rather trim down your cost for the extra charges (minimum of USD150.00 required at the tradecarview), please make your inquiries now at our own website or send us an email to: info-cv@beforward.jp

We constantly have an appealing stock of over 1,300 vehicles that are freshly supplied by our own staff and you can view them 24 hours x 7 days at our site , which will eventually be listed at tradecarview with certain delays. Active vehicles tend to sell out soon after their listing, so please make it your daily habit to explore our site.

We sincerely hope that you will find a vehicle of your preference and/or demand at our site. If you have difficulties finding vehicles by any chance, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info-cv@beforward.jp.

We, at BE FORWARD, are proud to be one of the leading car exporters of Japan to serve you with services at utmost level and reasonable prices. We promise to BE in our top gear to drive FORWARD as your Ultimate Business Partner.

1. Bookmark our site http in your browser now! http://www.beforward.jp
2. Save info-cv@beforward.jp in the Address Book on your email software now!

Forwardly yours,

Hironori Yamakawa