Road Safety Week Sponsored by BE FORWARD

BE FORWARD is proud to sponsor Road Safety Week in Tanzania this year alongside AirTel and Puma. We’ve teamed up with the government to help increase public education on road safety. On September 19th, Traffic Chief Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Mohamed Mpinga, made the announcement at Traffic Police Headquarters in Dar es Salaam. This year’s theme is “Road safety starts with me, you, and all of us.”

Our logo will appear, along with AirTel and Puma’s logos on this year’s new insurance liability stickers. BE FORWARD¬†representative, Kohei Shibata, had the honor of presenting stickers to DCP Mohamde Mpinga. Below are pictures of the announcement ceremony and the sticker. ¬†Please be safe when driving, wherever you may live!


Kohei Shibata Ceremony
SafetySticker_1 SafetySticker_2 SafetySticker_3