The Robust and Reliable Mitsubishi Outlander

The Robust and Reliable Mitsubishi Outlander

In 2001 Mitsubishi Motor Japan introduced a new car model branded as Mitsubishi Airtrek, which was later known as Mitsubishi Outlander, first on the American market in 2003 while still retaining the Airtrek name in Japan. From 2006 the Airtrek name was completely dropped and Outlander was officially used in all markets.

Mitsubishi Outlander is a Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) produced by the Japanese motoring giant Mitsubishi. It is an all-season car with good on-road and off-road abilities, offering good ground clearance while still maintaining car-like emissions, good fuel economy (outscoring other brands in its category) and size. The Outlander was specifically built to comfortably take people to unexplored places for adventure while living up to the Mitsubishi company slogan for being Robust, Reliable & Ingenious. The Mitsubishi Outlander is spacious; people love its roominess with the ability to accommodate 7 passengers and a big boot to accommodate your luggage. 

When it comes to Mitsubishi Outlander, the buyer has a choice of choosing between a 7 seater or a 5 seater.


Engines and Consumption
The Mitsubishi Outlander comes with a wide range of engine choices such as 4-cylinder engine (which comes with either a 4-speed automatic continuous variable transmission (CVT) or 5-speed manual transmission), a 6-cylinder with a 6-speed auto or a sequential manual shift and a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) commonly referred to as hybrids, whereby the car is powered by an engine and motors, just to mention a few. 

The Outlander’s 4-cylinder engine (2.4-liter MIVEC) was designed to maximize efficiency, boasting an impressive highway rating of 7.8L/100KM, while achieving an exhilarating driving experience. With its smooth accelerating Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), the Outlanders driving efficiency has been significantly improved compared to previous models. Outlanders 2.4L 4J12 (S-MIVEC) MPI Petrol, which is usually fitted on the 2WD can give a maximum power of 124kW at 6000 rpm and consumption of 7.1L/100KM. 

Other engine types and their consumptions include the 2.2L 4N14 DiD Turbo Diesel, which is usually fitted on the 4WD and can give a maximum power of 110kW at 3500 rpm and a consumption of 5.3L/100KM; The 3.0L 6B31 V6 that produces a maximum power of 162 kW at 6250 rpm and a consumption of 9.87L/100KM; and the PHEV Outlander that is built with an innovative technology that offers incredible efficiency, comfort and a quiet smooth ride. This is achieved through its built-in three drive modes made to utilize its twin electric motors (one in the rear and one in front) and the highly efficient petrol engine. This enables this version to give us 5.6L/100KM.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

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