Suzuki Jimny (also known as LJ in the 70’s, Samurai in the 80’s, Caribian and Sierra in other markets) is a 4×4 off-road mini SUV manufactured by the Japanese company Suzuki and its subsidiaries worldwide. The car was first produced in 1970 and production continues to-date, the most current being the 2018 model. After all these years of production, several models, four generations (1st generation 1970 – 1981, 2nd generation 1981 – 1998, 3rd generation 1998 – 2018, 4th generation 2018 to present), and 2.85 million units sold, the Jimny has been proven to be, and still is a desirable car and let us learn why.



Small 4×4 SUV with a Muscle  

The Suzuki Jimny originally falls in the KEI (smallest highway-legal passenger car) car in Japan, with a length of approximately 3 meters (the following versions had a length of 3.6m) and width of 1.6m. These dimensions make it a very convenient car for urban use, as it can fit in small parking areas, and maneuver in tiny roads. But the Jimny was not meant for on-road and in urban centers only. It was also built to tackle the harshest weather and terrain. It has been proven for years its undiluted capabilities in off-roading, thanks to its 4×4 abilities, front and rear rigid axles, low gear with abilities that match or even outclass much bigger SUV’s when it comes to managing through snow, muddy terrains and climbing steep slopes. Be it ice, mud or sand, uphill or downhill, the Jimny goes where other much bigger 4×4 SUV’s fear to tread. Buy a Jimny and get ready to take on nature’s challenges


Fuel Economy

Depending on the year of manufacture, the Jimny comes equipped with 3 and 4 cylinder engines which fall in the 540cc and 658cc, 1.2L, 1.3L and 1.5L variants, the latter being the most powerful and popular. The Suzuki Jimny 1.5 (1493cc) liter engine has a maximum power output of 75kW at 6000RPM with a fuel consumption of 6.8 L/100km. The 1.3 (1328cc) liter engine has a maximum power output of 63kW at 6000RPM with a fuel consumption of 7.3 L/100km.
The Suzuki Jimny 657cc engine has a maximum power output of 47kW at 6000RPM with a fuel consumption of around 7.14 L/100km.


Body Options

The Suzuki Jimny over the years has been produced with a variety of body types which gives buyers several options to choose from depending on their tastes. Some body types include:


Half-door Convertible

This can be driven with or without a roof in place. It can give the user an open-air driving experience and fun with the ability to provide a roof when required. 



Three-door Hardtop


Threedoor, Raised-roof Hardtop



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