The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Vehicles

We are already in the modern age where we find ways to create more things that can make our quality of life easier and better. Same as cars, we want to have the best and cool cars we can find or buy. So some automakers with great mindsets come up with excellent ideas to create a car that not only can help our Mother Earth but also ourselves: the Hybrid car. It is one of the best inventions with great fuel-saving technology that can offer us some advantages not just today but in the long run.


Hybrid cars are now getting more attention and are increasingly popular because of their fuel-saving technology that offers more benefits and advantages nowadays. Though there are some disadvantages, no one can dispute the beauty of hybrid cars. There is some research and findings that hybrid cars are one of the futures of automotive cars, especially now that we have a big problem when it comes to climate change. And hybrid cars are one of the best solutions that we have for now and in the coming future. So in this article, we will talk about hybrid cars as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Hybrid Car?

If you have a car, you may be familiar with petrol and diesel engines, as well as hybrid engines or hybrid cars. But what are hybrid cars? It is a car that is powered by two or more power sources like electric motors and gasoline engines. The two power sources have their strengths and weaknesses but can be balanced when combined together. Particularly the electric motors use less gas when at a low speed and do not use much energy when it is off or idle. While the gas engine can generate more power at a higher speed. There are also three types of a hybrid:

  1. Parallel Hybrid. It is the more common type. It used an electric motor and a gas engine to power the wheels, an example is the Toyota Prius.
  2. Series Hybrid. The main task of the gas engine is to recharge the battery, while the electric motors powered the wheels, an example is the BMW i3.
  3. Plug-In Hybrid. It uses a large battery that contains a much greater capacity that can be recharged using an external source through a plug, an example is the 2020 Honda Clarity.

Pros of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars can give not just a good fuel economy, but also an advantage for our ecosystem. To lessen just a small amount of carbon emission is already a big difference to our environment. Here are some advantages that hybrid cars can give:

  1. Environmentally friendly. A hybrid car uses less fuel than normal engines and helps reduce the harmful emissions in our environment as well as preserve more clean air.
  2. Less expense on fuel. Hybrid cars use only a small amount of gas thus saving more money for fuel expenses.
  3. Better gas mileage. The fuel efficiency of the hybrid car results from its aerodynamics, smaller gas engine, and lighter weight.
  4. Higher resale value. As hybrid vehicles become more popular and in demand, the value will also increase as well as the reliability and added improvements are included in the value of the car.

Cons of Hybrid Cars

When there’s an advantage, there will always be disadvantages, be it in general or in a normal car. Same as for hybrid cars, there are some aspects that we might find not appealing to the vehicle. Here are some of the cons of hybrid cars:

  1. Higher maintenance cost. The hybrid vehicle may offer good benefits but the repair will certainly make you think twice about buying it. The cost of maintenance is expensive because of complex dual compulsion systems and may require the services of the manufacturer.
  2. Expensive to buy. Buying hybrid cars is not as budget-friendly as some of you may think. Because of its fuel-saving benefits and regard as an eco-car, it is much more expensive than any normal car.
  3. Less power. The hybrid cars are powered by two engines; gasoline engines with much smaller power compared to normal-engine powered cars, while the electric motor has less power. Resulting in often less power of both combined than that of a gas-powered engine. That’s why driving hybrid vehicles is not for speed or acceleration and is much suited in the city.
  4. High Voltage Batteries. The hybrid cars contained a high voltage battery that can prove dangerous and harmful like being electrocuted or causing more damage in the event of an accident.

Final Verdict

Buying hybrid cars is as easy as you think. There are already lots of car dealerships and online dealerships where you can find and choose any hybrid cars that you want. And because of the pandemic, buying on the internet or online is much safer and convenient for some of you. You don’t have to walk into any car dealership personally; instead, you can open your laptop or PC or even smartphones to browse and buy your hybrid cars. One of the best stores to browse, ask some questions, and purchase a car is BE FORWARD. They can answer any questions regarding the hybrid cars you want to buy.



Written by: Esther Abranilla

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