Toyota Vanguard: The Best Off-Road SUV

Toyota Vanguard is one of the best SUVs which performs better in the car market in Tanzania. It is the leading SUV bought by many Tanzanian due to its price, affordable maintenance cost and being the master of rough roads. There are a lot of rough roads in Tanzania especially during the rainy season but the Toyota Vanguard still performs very well due to its good ground clearance.

Some people call this vehicle an occasional off-road sport utility vehicle but the Japanese people know this as a recreational vehicle. Thanks to the spaciousness, stronger road presence, and better outward visibility – SUVs are the new trend now.

The Toyota Vanguard is a modern-looking Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), has a spacious cabin, and is certainly refined and comfortable on the road with 170bhp and 224Nm of torque sent to the all-wheel-drive (AWD) with a 5-speed Automatic transmission.

Toyota engineers have also done their best to ensure that external noises are kept well at bay. This enables drivers and passengers to enjoy a peaceful and composed ride. Toyota Vanguard has two engine options: First is the 2.4 liters in-line 4-cylinder engine and 2nd is the 3.5 liters 6-cylinder V6 engine. 4-cylinder engine model is equipped with (CVT) Continuously Variable Transmission Hyper CVT-i while the 6-cylinder engine model is equipped with 5-speed Electronic Controlled Transmission Super ECT.



The Toyota Vanguard comes with SRS 6 airbags, traction control and driving aids which helps the driver to drive comfortably and stress-free with Downhill Assist Control (DAC) button and an anti-lock braking system as well as electronic braking distribution which gives better handling and security while driving. 



Vanguard is a luxury-class mid-size SUV designed for active urban lifestyle and driving pleasure, multi-functionality and multi-passenger use. Vanguard is proving its high-quality interior by placing bronze decorations and chrome coating. Most Vanguards are dressed in genuine leather as well. Great interior features include foldable third-row seats giving you plenty of room for your luggage due to extra boot space. The Toyota Vanguard 2011 model comes equipped with advanced safety features that include SRS Airbags, an anti-lock braking system and electronic braking distribution. 

Some versions of Toyota Vanguard come with a push-start button, keyless entry, power mirrors, and locks. Other features include steering wheel-mounted volume controls with a 235 mm longer body and the wheelbase extended by 100 mm. Therefore, not only for 5 seaters but also 7 seaters were prepared for all grades.



Toyota Vanguard has two options underneath the bonnet, First, an AZ-FE engine 2.4l 4-cylinders in-line 16-valves DOHC VVT-I with the output power of 125kW (170 bhp). The Toyota Vanguard equipped with this kind of engine is the most bought car in Tanzania due to its incredible fuel consumption rate ranging between 9.1km/L and 12.6km/L. The second option is the Toyota Vanguard equipped with the engine code 2GR-FE. The 2GR-FE engine produces a maximum power of 280 bhp – 206 kW at 6200 rpm and a maximum torque of 344.0 Nm at 6200 rpm. Toyota Vanguard models have a fuel tank capacity of 60L. Is the Toyota Vanguard right for you? If yes, browse our low-cost Toyota Vanguard Models in stock.

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