Ugandan Ambassador Visit to BE FORWARD Office in Tokyo

The BE FORWARD office in Tokyo welcomed Ugandan Ambassador Betty Grace Akech Okullo and First Secretary Nasanairi Kamudoli on August 21st to discuss BE FORWARD business in Uganda.

BE FORWARD currently ships around 600 – 800 used cars monthly to Uganda and offers two local support centers in Kampala and Malaba. The Ambassador spoke with BE FORWARD President Hironori Yamakawa and the executive team about several concerns that she has, one being the amount of broken down cars that have been abandoned on the roads of Kampala.

Ugandans who purchase a BE FORWARD used car using the new City Delivery Service can be reassured that if anything goes wrong or breaks on their car while in transit, BE FORWARD will repair or replace the car free of charge. This is one step to help reduce the number of cars left alongside the road, by guaranteeing each buyer receives their used car in the best possible condition.

The Ambassador would also like to work together with BE FORWARD in creating more job opportunities for Ugandans in the Tokyo head office.

Lastly, the Ambassador mentioned the case of fraud websites that have emerged targeting the used car businesses and their customers. BE FORWARD is always diligent in tracking down any fraud websites that have been created and informing customers on their main website so that they are not fooled.

BE FORWARD has been doing business in Uganda and with Ugandans for many years now and we appreciate all our loyal customers and are always looking for ways to provide the best offers and the best service.