5 Tips for Importing Used Cars from Japan to Mozambique

Importing a vehicle from Japan to Mozambique can be quite tricky for many, especially if you are not aware of the regulations and other legal hurdles that go along with this process. Nevertheless, it is not as hard as most people would like to make it out to be. One only needs to study the regulations about importing a vehicle from Japan to Mozambique and they will be good to go.

The most important thing is to find out the basic requirements, such as age restrictions if any, importation costs, and so forth. So, to help you in your goal of importing the perfect Japanese used vehicle, we have compiled 5 tips to help you import a used car to Mozambique.

1. Instead of Age Restrictions, Double-check Roadworthiness

Check Roadworthiness - BE FORWARD

Fortunately, there are no deterrents regarding the age of imported vehicles in Mozambique. You can bring in any car you want. However, it has to pass a roadworthiness check, which is referred to as the Intertek Inspection. If the vehicle passes this inspection, a MOZ number will be assigned, thereby granting the vehicle permission to enter the country.

2. Consider Your Choice of Port

Port Maputo - BE FORWARD

Most often, imported vehicles enter Mozambique through the Port of Maputo. Your used vehicle dealer in Japan will ensure that the vehicle arrives to the port, but it is up to you to take over from this point on. In addition, some customers choose to import through the Port of Durban in South Africa, but if you want to cut the overall cost, it is best to avoid this port. This is because going through Durban will significantly raise the cost of importing a vehicle from Japan to Mozambique.

3. Hire a Clearing Agent

Clearing Agent - BE FORWARD

Once the vehicle is successfully shipped by the Japanese car dealer, it is up to you to clear it at the port of destination and arrange transportation to your location. For clearance, be sure to hire a clearing agent that is based at the chosen port. You can find a listing of clearing agents by going to the Mozambique Revenue Authority website or you may also be able to contract an agent through the Japanese car dealer you are purchasing the used vehicle from.

4. Check the Current Tax Rates & Other Fees

Check Taxes - BE FORWARD

The value for duty purposes (VDP) is determined based on the expenses incurred during the initial purchase, importation, freight charges, and any other costs. The percentage levied on each imported vehicle is dependent on the make and model and the year of manufacture among other factors. You can get details about the various rates of used vehicle import taxes and duties on the official site of the government revenue collector.

5. Ensure You Have the Correct Documentation

Check Documents - BE FORWARD

For successful vehicle importation from Japan to Mozambique, the following documents will be necessary:

• Copy of your valid passport
• Original invoice for the vehicle purchase
• Bill of lading
• For non-diplomats, you must have an inspection report and an import permit
• Registration certificate

As you can see, importing a vehicle from Japan to Mozambique is not as daunting a task as it first seems. All you need is to ensure that you follow the set regulations, and your vehicle will reach you in good time. It is important to choose the port of destination wisely as it will determine the final cost of importation. The beauty of Mozambique’s importation rules is that they do not put restrictions on the age of the vehicle that you want to import. However, please do not forget to purchase your vehicle from a respected used car dealer when importing from Japan.

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