Some of the World’s Best Drives

Experience the freedom your automobile offers by taking one of the world’s best drives.  The world’s best drives are excellent destinations for a summer road trip or weekend travel.  In this article we identify some of the world’s best drives along with the attractions that make them desirable.


The assignment was simple, “Please highlight some of the best [most exciting/scenic] drives in the world.” 

After performing some research, I asked myself “What are the common themes that these drives contained in order to attract visitors?” 

The common themes that emerged from the references were mountains, oceans, deserts, waterfalls, hairpin turns, steep inclines, sunrises and sunsets, red rocks, canyons, switchbacks, tropical forests, fall foliage, wildlife viewing, and of course stunning scenery. 

Every drive offers more than just the attractions that are listed.  The beauty of all of these drives is the unexpected changes that provide the aspect of newness the human spirit so desires.  There are new sights around every corner making for fun summer road trips and weekend travel.    The excitement is not limited to the visual sights that you will encounter.  Many of these roads offer challenging driving as well.  This article addresses the exciting challenges as well as the scenic beauty.

The common terms for exciting drives were hairpin turns, steep inclines, and switchbacks.  If you desire this type of driving, you will want to take the following routes:

Stelvio Pass, Italy.  This road boasts 60 hairpin turns and is the highest paved road in Italy’s Eastern Alps.  The road also has several steep inclines if you’d like to challenge your car’s climbing ability while on your weekend travel.

Million Dollar Highway, Route 550, Colorado, United States.  This road has several mountain passes that are not protected by a guardrail.  While the road is very scenic, it has also claimed several lives including those of snow plow drivers who keep it open in the winter.  A monument to those drivers graces the roadside.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia.  This road gained the title of “the Road of Death” for the 200 to 300 lives it claims every year.

If you want a short and fast summer road trip, you might want to visit the roads that are listed as the fastest.  These roads have no speed limits so you can really get a feel for your car’s performance level.

The Autobahn in Germany.  This road features several segments that are free of any speed limits.  The road operates on very simple rules.  The fastest vehicles are allowed to operate in the left most lane.  If you get hit from behind while in the left lane, you are at fault for going too slow!  Speeds of well over 200 kph are common.

Parts of Montana in the United States:  There are certain parts of this state that are free of speed limits due to being in wide open areas.

Weekend travel for scenery is a fun way to experience the features of your car.  You can travel in comfort while observing some of the best sights in the world.  These scenic drives are categorized by the attraction

Drives that have stunning fall foliage and autumn scenery:

Kancamagus Highway; Route 112, north western New Hampshire, USA.  This highway follows a rocky river while offering views of hillsides and reflection lakes that present the brilliance of color that arises from New England’s hardwood forests.

Irohazaka Roads, Japan.  Not only are these drives challenging due to the many curves, they offer stunning views of fall foliage.


Drives along the ocean offer an opportunity to view the land and the sea.  Many coastlines provide a scenic pathway for you to traverse in your automobile on a scenic summer road trip. 

The Pacific Coast Highway, US !, California, USA.  This highway hugs the edge of the continental United States following sandy beaches and rocky coastlines.  Pass the homes of movie stars and locations where many movies were filmed as you take in the scenery.  You can even spot dolphins and whales in the surf!

The Old Strynefjell Mountain Road, Norway.  This road tops out at 1,00 meters as it traverses the many scenic Fjords of Norway.  Along the way a treacherous bridge adds excitement to the scenery.

The Overseas Highway, Florida keys, Florida USA.  This road provides you a chance to drive across the water.  The final destination is Key West, the southernmost point in the United States where sandy beaches and party bars await the weary traveller. 

The Great Ocean Road in Australia.  This road is listed as one of the most scenic.  It traverses many National Parks and tropical rain forests. 


High elevation drives

Serra do Rio do Rastro Road, Brazil is a drive that is so high at 1400 meters, you can see the Atlantic Ocean 100 km away.

Colorado USA.  This state hosts several high elevation drives.   Pikes Peak outside Colorado Springs is a destination of many who wish to view across the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains.  Mount Evans is a mountain road with high vista views.  The road in Rocky Mountain National Park is the highest paved road in the world. 

Red Rocks and More

Valley of Fire Road in Nevada USA.  This road gets its name from the way the fiery red rocks reflect the sunlight.  


Sedona, Arizona USA.  The Sedona area is known for red rocks that supposedly possess healing powers.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, USA.  This is a set of rock formations that you can drive or hike through on a quick summer road trip.

Red Rocks park Denver Colorado.  This route offers a chance to drive through a red stone archway on your way to one of the most popular concert venues in the world.

The Mittens in Southern Utah.  These red rock formations are the back drop of many a car commercial and western movie.

Not matter where you live, you are not far from the world’s best drives.  These destinations provide both exciting driving and scenic beauty for your weekend travel or summer road trip.