2024 Nissan X-Trail e-Power Hybrid (Rogue)

The 2024 Nissan X-Trail e-Power hybrid (Rogue) marks the Japanese automaker’s innovative entry into the mid-size SUV segment with a unique hybrid powertrain. Utilizing the e-Power technology, the X-Trail delivers a refined and torquey driving experience by combining a gasoline engine with an electric motor.

Nissan Rogue and X-Trail are the same?

The X-Trail is a compact crossover SUV built by the Japanese automotive giant Nissan from 2000 to the present. It is currently in its fourth generation. From the third generation onwards, the Nissan X-Trail and the Nissan Rogue are the same car, only that the Rogue is specifically sold in the USA market.
As we all know there is an ongoing shift from conventional vehicles towards EVs globally and every company wants to take advantage of it. For that sake, Nissan came up with the e-Power technology found on the X-Trail and other models.

X-Trail 2024
Gold color
Front view

The e-Power is a unique hybrid system whereby the engine’s sole responsibility is to produce electricity (generator) to charge its battery bank and power two (front and rear) electric motors that drive (propulsion) the car. This setup offers the advantages of EVs while overcoming its disadvantages and has some advantages over the conventional engine. For the case of EVs, the e-Power X-Trail is as silent as most EVs but does not need long charging hours (non-plug-in) as the plug-in EVs, while for conventional models, the e-Power models offer great efficiency as it can travel 850 km on one full tank.

“Be Forward FOB Price of the 2024 Nissan X-Trail Hybrid start around $27,590 as of June 2024”

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The X-Trail has been offered with several engines, here we will focus on a few from the third generation onwards.

  • MR20DD is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Direct Injection DOHC petrol engine with an output of 145 hp and 155 lb-ft of torque.
  • QR25DE is a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder DOHC petrol engine with an output of 175 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque.
  • KR15DDT is a Variable Compression turbocharged 1.5-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine with an output of 200 hp and 225 lb-ft of torque.
  • M9R is a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder 16-valve diesel engine with an output of 148 hp and 251 lb-ft of torque.

These engines transfer power to the front (FWD) or all four wheels (AWD) via 6-speed manual, CVT, 7-speed DCT, or Xtronic CVT.


What engine size is the X-Trail e-Power? There are two options, a 2.0-liter and 1.5-liter e-Power hybrid as listed below:

  • A hybrid system that combines the 2.0-liter MR20DD with one-motor two-clutches in parallel and a high-output 202v lithium-ion battery that can quickly be charge and discharge. This system has a combined output of 177 hp and 118 lb-ft of torque. Its fuel efficiency rating is 20 km/L.
  • A series e-Power hybrid system that combines a very quiet Variable Compression turbocharged 1.5-liter KR15DDT as the power generator paired with single (FWD) or duo (4WD (e-4ORCE)) motors that provide the propulsion and a lithium-ion battery. This system has a combined output of 203 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. Its average fuel consumption is 20.7 km/L.

The biggest competitor of the X-Trail e-Power is the Toyota RAV4 hybrid with a proven record of performance, practicality, and efficiency. Its average fuel consumption is 21.3 km/L.

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Pros and Cons

The upside of the X-Trail e-Power is its silent engine which is almost as silent as EVs under normal operation, its quality interior has quality features, and the cabin is spacious enough for five adults. The downside is on high revs, the engine is noisy, its electric-only range could be better, and the seven-seat model needs some comfort improvements.

Background of the model

It all started in 2016 when Nissan launched the e-Power technology on the Nissan Note. Its foundation was similar to the fully electric motorized technology employed in the Nissan Leaf delivering instant torque, efficiency, power, and exhilaration. Following the success of the e-Power Note, Nissan revealed in 2020 that they would be expanding the e-Power technology to four other models, which gave birth to the e-Power X-Trail.

The setup features a petrol engine as a power generator, inverter, battery, and electric motor. In contrast to conventional hybrid systems, the e-POWER system exclusively uses the engine as an electric generator with propulsion attained by motors. In 2021, Nissan launched the e-Power X-Trail as part of its transformation plan towards expanding their presence on EVs and electric motor-driven cars.

The launch proved a significant evolution in Nissan’s lineup, reflecting its commitment to innovative and sustainable automotive technology. It comes with Nissan’s 2nd generation e-POWER system, revered for its quietness, smoothness, and heightened power.

Key Features and Concepts

1. e-POWER System
The e-Power X-Trail model is fitted with the fully electric second-generation e-POWER system with a Variable Compressed turbocharged 1.5-liter engine attached to a generator that charges the high-output battery and powers the motor at peak demand. This setup similarly functions as an EV but without requiring external charging.

2. e-4ORCE
The fourth generation X-Trail is available with a FWD or 4WD (e-4ORCE) drivetrain. For enhanced traction, Nissan has equipped some models with the e-4ORCE (4WD) whereby a pair of high-power motors of 201 hp at the front and 134 hp at the rear is utilized.
The FWD models only have a 201 front motor.

3. Hybrid Benefits
The e-Power X-Trail is frugal, has a low carbon footprint, and reduces trips to the petrol station. So if you want to spare some change, protect the environment, and save time, this car is for you.

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The 2024 Nissan X-Trail is available in various trims and configurations, which determine their market value. Below are some indicative prices in different markets:


In Taiwan, the 2024 X-Trail is available in four trims: the standard Classic version with an MSRP of TWD 1,049,000, the Pilot version TWD 1,159,000, the Ultimate version TWD 1,229,000, and the e-Power version TWD 1,519,000. Changes in amenities may alter the prices.


In Germany, the 2024 X-Trail is available in five trims: Visia, Acenta Premium, N-Connecta, Tekna, and Tekna+, available models are the e-Power, e_4ORCE, and X-Trail. Prices range between € 35,380 and € 49,290.


In the UK, the 2024 X-Trail is available in four trims: Acenta Premium, N-Connecta, Tekna, and Tekna+, with options such as e-Power, e_4ORCE, and five- or seven-seat influencing the prices. Their prices start at £35,175, £37,885, £41,240, and £43,480 respectively.


In Australia, the 2024 X-Trail is available in ST, ST-L, TI, and TI-L models. The prices in AUD (depending on the city) are as listed:

  • ST 4×2 Petrol $40,696
  • ST 4×4 Petrol 7-Seat $43,826
  • ST-L 4×2 Petrol $47,328
  • ST-L 4×4 Petrol 7-Seat $50,521
  • ST-L 4×4 e-Power $53,240
  • TI 4×4 Petrol $54,332
  • TI-L 4×4 Petrol $57,422
  • TI 4×4 e-Power $58,034
  • TI-L 4×4 e-Power $61,910


The X-Trail’s cabin is lavish, spacious, comfortable, and configurable with sliding second-row seats. Optimization of cabin comfort can be achieved via heated front and rear seats, memory seating, three climate control zones, and built-in rear door sunshades.

How many seats does the X-Trail have? It can be had in a two-row setup with five seats or a three-row setup with seven seats. Its Divide’N’Hide® cargo system offers up to 18 under-floor cargo storage options.

Standard features
  • An 8″ NissanConnect Display
  • 12V power sockets on the dash and cargo area
  • Type-A and Type-C front USB ports
  • Two Type-C rear USB charging-only ports
  • AM/FM audio system with DAB
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • 6 Speakers
  • Wireless phone charger


The 2024 Nissan X-TRAIL features some classic X-Trail styling paired with athletic looks. Its rear spoiler and aerodynamic air intake dam complement its aerodynamic interior while its sharp LED headlights, LED Daytime Running Lights, signature Nissan V-Motion grille, floating two-tone roofline, 3D LED optical flow tail light, LED Rear Fog Lights, Splash-free wipers, shark fin antenna, partially body-colored bumpers and mirror caps, Three Blink Turn Signal give it a stylish and modern look.

Fuel Economy

Nissan X-Trail
Dashboard view

Is the Nissan X-Trail fuel efficient? Yes, it is.

Tests show that the petrol model is rated at 13.5 km/L and the e-Power model is rated at 16.0 km/L. These are good ratings for a car in this class, but apart from efficiency, it also has a reduced carbon footprint for a better planet.

Other Key Features

Nissan X-Trail
Black White
Key Control
Alloy Wheels set

How to remote start Nissan X-Trail?
For remote start to work the following must be checked:
・All doors and windows must be locked.
・The gear shift lever must be in ‘parking’ and the brake pedal must be released also the bonnet must be shut.
・Now you can proceed to start the car remotely by:
・Press ‘lock’ on your FOB
・Press ‘lock’ again within five seconds
・Press and hold the ‘engine start’ button on the FOB until the engine starts.

Other key features also include the Thatcham Alarm System, Emergency and Breakdown Call and the Famous Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

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Writer’s perspective

My review of the 2024 Nissan X-Trail has left an impression that every aspect is well thought out.

Safety-wise, the car is safer with standard safety features such as an Automatic Airbag ON/OFF, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist, Engine immobilizer, Curtain and front side, far-side airbags, Front and Rear Seat Belts Reminder, and Emergency and Breakdown Call. The car has also become more efficient with fuel consumption rates of 13 km/L and 16 km/L for the petrol and EV-like e-Power engines respectively.

The standard Nissan Intelligent Mobility is also packed with plenty of driver assist safety features such as:

Booster Emergency Braking with Emergency Stop Signal:
This system activates when there is a sudden stop from speeds of 50 km/h or more, the system automatically and swiftly flashes all the direction signal lights to caution oncoming drivers of the sudden braking situation.

Rear Seat Alert:
This system alerts the driver when exiting the car of an occupant (dog or baby) in the rear seat.

Intelligent Cruise Control with Speed Limiter
This system reduces the driver’s workload by automatically controlling acceleration and deceleration and maintaining a suitable following distance between the car and the vehicle ahead.

Final verdict

The 2024 Nissan X-Trail is a strong contender, although its category is flooded with plenty of competition. It’s a nice offering from Nissan, its cabin is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of amenities, and can be had in a five- or seven-seat configuration. The ride quality is decent, but the performance and efficiency of the VC-Turbo can be better. The series hybrid e-POWER model is fine as it offers great efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint.

Although the e-Power model is pricey, you will recoup your investment in the long run compared to the entry-level VC-Turbo.

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