The Most Affordable Used Cars |Recommendations Under $500, $1,000, $1,500 & $2,000


How to Find Affordable Used Cars

Affordable vehicles are very easy to spot as long as you know where to find them. It doesn’t have to take a rocket scientist to tell you where to find quality vehicles. However, it does take a bit of searching and patience to spot those good quality buys that come once in a while. Spotting a good car takes a little bit of time but it’s all worth it when you get to find that particular one – just meant for you and no one else.

The Most Affordable Used Car Under $500


When you are looking for a cheap vehicle all you have to do is get to your laptop or desktop and type in “cars under $500”. The search engine will automatically display all sites that have cars in that particular range. In this particular, I can proudly recommend BE FORWARD, as I know that most of the cars in that range can easily be found on the site. Moreover, this site tends to rank higher than the rest when it comes to affordable and quality cars.

Checking out the site I can really get to spot most of the cars under $500 and in this particular instance, I will recommend the internationally acclaimed and award winning Honda Fit.This unit has been one of the most affordable small cars in its category. This compact Hatchback is ideal for city driving as the consumption rate is very low, offers plenty of storage for start-up families and the comfort/handling experience is good for lengthy driving in a busy city where heavy traffic is inevitable.

The exterior and interior of the Honda Fit include the following:

1. The exterior of this unit is wonderfully designed to reduce wind resistance as much as possible.
2. The front and rear lenses are big enough to give the driver and passengers clear view in the night.
3. The windows are big enough to give kids a better view of the passing by scenery.
4. The interior of the Fit is neatly designed and fully air-conditioned with various compartments, cupholders and powerful audio/radio system.
5. Unlike the Swift, this unit has a little more legroom in front and rear to accommodate taller individuals.
I can recommend this unit for families as the safety ratings are good, the consumption is great and the interior has enough room to accommodate kids. Apart from that, this Hatchback is reasonably cheap to procure which on my part is a great deal for a car that offers a lot.

The Most Affordable Used Car Under $1,000

Another vehicle that’s worth our attention and currently trade under $1,000 and is one of the favorite hatchbacks is Suzuki Swift. This unit is well known for being efficient when it comes to fuel consumption and comfort, which comes in a 1.2 litre petrol engine. This super small car has always been a favorite among city dwellers as it can pretty much be ideal for traffic congestion and makes life easy when it comes to maneuvering in narrow city roads with its sheer size and sharp power steering capabilities.

The aerodynamic of the car also makes it less wind resistant and pretty fast to contend with other superminis in its category. The Swift features exceptional handling and performance with an extremely effective braking system. The interior features of the Swift include compatible CD tuner, audio controls socket, a parcel shelf, glove compartment and unique high roof to accord proper/comfortable sitting arrangement for passengers and driver. The head and tail lamps are fitted with clear lenses to enhance headlight visibility in the dark and the streamlined bonnet also enhances its dynamic looks. So as you can see this unit has a very reasonable price tag to it of which it is of great value. With all unique and great features, I would not hesitate to recommend the international award winner known for its exceptional quality.

The Most Affordable Used Car Under $1,500

The next in line for the cars trading under the price tag of $1,500 is the Nissan X-trail with engine capacity of 1990cc. This unit was first launched in 2001. The compact SUV came with the big bang as it has exterior and interior features that are very impressive for an SUV. The interior boast of having air condition, audio/radio system which is above standard, enough front and rear legroom which is more than enough to accommodate above average heights and the cargo area has enough storage space to carry most supplies and items. When it comes to the exterior the Nissan X-trail has excellent headlights with striking design features that come with a body shape that is exactly a fit for an SUV in its category. I would most certainly recommend this machine for medium to large families as you can simply travel anywhere with this SUV without worrying about how you are going to come back.

The Most Afforbable Used Car Under $2,000

Lastly, the most affordable car under the price of $2,000 on BE FORWARD site is Mazda Axela Sport. This sedan is very much sporty and comes with engine capacity of 1,490cc. The interiors of the unit are wonderfully designed with the steering mounted with volume controls for the stereo, enough legroom for passengers, well-blending seats with dashboard and very spacious cargo area. The exterior of the car is very nice with an aerodynamic body kit that easily cut through any wind resistance. The sporty suspension of this car is excellent and the consumption is good. When it comes to handling the vehicle, it has an above average performance and it’s very firm on the road.
I can recommend this car for those young start-up families that still want to look cool but with the family well accommodated.

This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters – With BFS ID: 235466; Mutimba Musonda from Zambia.
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