Audi A1: Making A Statement With Every Move


Audi A1 is a supermini car manufactured by Audi from 2010 to the present, in relation to Volkswagen Polo, SEAT Ibiza and Aron, and Skoda Fabia. The Audi A1 has been manufactured under one generation launching in a 3 door hatchback in 2010 followed by a 5-door Hatchback/Sportback unveiled in 2011. The Audi A1 is a futuristic car coming with many interesting features that have set it apart from the crowd, with skyrocketing sales in Motor Shows across major cities like Geneva, Paris, and Tokyo.

The Audi A1 is manufactured with a front-engine, front-wheel-drive, front-engine, four-wheel-drive layout, on the Volkswagen Group PQ25 platform. It comes in both petrol and diesel TFSI and TDI engines powered by 5-,6-,7-, and 1- speed manual, S Tronic, and A1-tron transmission respectively. 

Now that we have observed the highlight of the supermini sized car, let us deep-dive into exploring the features that make it so outstanding. 



As mentioned above, the Audi A1 car models come in both TDI and TFSI engines whereby TDI engines offer exceptional performance due to high torque output with the constant power build-up and henceforth being fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly due to less emission. On the other hand, TFSI engines offer a high compression rate making them efficient with optimum performance. Audi A1 is manufactured with powerful yet efficient engines making them reliable cars for city cruise and highway drives. Audi engines come in 4- and 3-cylinder petrol and diesel in regular and sports models. The engine displacement range between 1,395 and 1,984 ccs with a maximum torque between 200/1,400-4,000 and 370/1,600-3,000 available in the A1 1.4 (92 kW), A1 1.4 (110 kW), A1 1.8 (141 kW), A1 1.4 ultra (66 kW), A1 1.6 (85 kW), and S12.0 (170 kW). 



On the exterior, the Audi A1 expresses itself as more than just the car with a range of captivating colors, new exclusive 16-inch cast-aluminum wheels in a 5-arm dynamic design with catchy looks, LED head and rear lights that immediately calls for attention.

The front is designed with the signature Audi Singleframe with chrome-plated and centered Audi rings while at the back are two exhaust tailpipes available on the A1 sport and A1 design. 



The interior of the Audi A1 is designed to give the driver an utmost sense of ownership, coming in comfortable interior surfaces that are either cloth or leather in a range of colors and patterns that strike high appeal. The Audi A1 is designed with multiple functionalities including sport leather and multifunctional sports leather steering wheel, and the Audi exclusive leather controls along with a set of pedals and footrests in stainless steel. 

It is a spacious vehicle despite its size coming with comfortable front seats with height adjustment including convenience entry, 2-way lumbar support for the front seat, a seating package with convenience entry, a heated front seat, and center armrest. The back is designed with 40-60 split-folding seats that allow one to create enough space for cargo. To additionally complement the interior is the panoramic glass sunroof with a blacked roof that allows you to enjoy the sky view. 


Convenience, Technology, and Entertainment

For tech enthusiasts, the Audi A1 is definitely the car to look forward to. It is equipped with multiple tech-based features that make it a convenient car in terms of functionality and performance. It is designed with control features and systems like electronic automatic and manual airconditioning system that gives the interior a suiting temperature rate. For easy entry and safety, Audi equipped the A1 with a convenience key, remote control key, and an anti-theft alarm. The Audi A1 is further featured with the driver information system displayed in a 3.5-inch monochrome display, an MMI navigation system displayed on a 6.5-inch color display, an audio radio with a 3-inch monochrome display, and a Digital Audio Broadcasting. 

For entertainment, the Audi A1 comes with the Audi music interface with portable media players such as App iPod, Apple iPhone, USB storage media, and MP3 player. Surrounding the interior is an impressive 14 loudspeaker Bose Surround Sound with 465 watts to give you the utmost audio experience. 

For assistance, the Audi A1 comes with a parking system plus, a cruise control system at 30 km/h and above, Audi drive select, the S Tronic 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and front-wheel drive. 


Safety and Security

Whether you are driving a regular hatchback or sports, Audi is dedicated to a safe arrival for all your destinations with a range of safety and security features. The Audi A1 comes with side airbags, a front and head airbag system, full-size airbags for driver and front passenger, a start-stop system that helps reduce fuel consumption and toxic emissions, as well as an integrated head restraint system which reduces the danger of whiplash. 

If you are looking to make your next car purchase in modern Audi car models, the above listed A1 features have unpacked enough details to help you visualize your driving experience. To make this vision come to life, visit BE FORWARD to place a quick purchase order. 




Written by: Sharon-Rose Emmanuel Nanyaro

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