Ford Ranger: A Luxurious and Comfortable Pickup



Ford Ranger is a product name that has been used on 3 distinct model lines of vehicles sold by Ford. Ford is one of the biggest brands in the United States and Canada. The name begins in 1958 after the Edsel Ranger introduced the base trim level of the Edsel model range.

In 1998, Ford started to use the Ranger nameplate in place of Courier and in 2006, all compact trucks were named Ranger.

2011 Ranger discontinued to be manufactured in the United States and Canada market and the same year, Ford started to produce a mid-sized Ford Ranger and started selling globally. Ford revived its production of Ford Ranger in the United States in 2018.




American Market

Today, Ford has reached the fourth generation of its nameplate Ford Ranger where the first generation started from 1983 to 1988. The first generation that came with facelift started from 1989-1992. The second generation was from 1993-1997, the third generation was from 1998-2000 which also came with a facelift from 2006-2012, the third facelift special for South America was from 2010-2012 and the fourth generation was from 2019 to present. All these models were for the United States and Canada Market.

Also, Ford produced its internationalbased products Ford Ranger from 1998 to present, where the first generation was from 1998-2006 and the Ranger followed the development of the Mazda B-Series.

International Market

The third generation Ranger T6 served as the basis for the fourth generation Ranger in North America, with several design adaptations to accommodate government regulations and market demands.

The international models have three generations: the first generation produced was from 1998-2002, first generation facelift was from 2002-2006, second generation was from 2006-2009, second generation facelift was from 2009-2011, third generation was from 2011-2015, and the third generation facelift was from 2015-present.


Third Generation Models For International Market


This version named as the Ford Ranger T6 is equipped with 6 and 7 airbags for the European Union Market with dual side and front airbags. Along with standard anti-lock brakes, the Ford Ranger is equipped with emergency brake assist and other variants come with Lane Keeping Aid, Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic High Beams, front windscreen mounted camera, Lane Departure Warning and a radar placed at the front right side of the grille.


Engine & Performance

Based on the 4-wheel drive crew-cab, the Ranger was equipped with a 3.2L Duratorq diesel engine with an automatic or manual transmission with model-specific 18-inch wheels, painted dark grey, and other exterior and interior trim. Fuel consumption for the Ranger Wildtrak X 3.2L model is claimed at 8.9L/100 km, and it needs 80-litre of fuel for the tank to be full.

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