Hatchbacks 101: 4 Common Questions Answered

Looking around the roads today, you will undoubtedly notice that the hatchback is back—and here to stay. Compared to those of yesteryear, modern hatchbacks offer more polished and sleeker lines, as well as many added features and conveniences. But is a hatchback the right choice for you?

What is a Hatchback Car?

The defining components of a hatchback car that make it different to other car types is its compact size and rear lifting door. This combination makes this type of car great for carrying luggage or cargo while at the same time performing and handling like a sedan. Additionally, if you’re looking to carry a lot of bulky cargo, a hatchback allows you to fold down the rear seats to create even more space. It is little wonder that the hatchback has fast become one of the most popular types of family cars to date.

Hatchback vs. Sedan: Which is Best?

The short answer? Space. While a sedan has a smaller boot capacity, a hatchback allows for more flexibility for fitting in even the largest amounts of luggage or cargo thanks to its added amount of space. Plus, hatchbacks in general offer a driving experience on par with a sedan in addition to being smaller, lighter, and fitted with a fuel-friendly engine.

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For those into a more stylish drive, in the past a sedan was your best bet at a classy car. However, thanks to the magic of modern design, hatchbacks have become just as—if not more so—attractive as their sedan counterparts, with their outdated, boxy frames replaced with clean, cool curves and eye-catching interior and exterior designs.

What is a Hatchback’s Resale Value?

If you’re looking for a car that can offer the best resale value, a hatchback may be for you. Due to hatchbacks being more in demand in places such as Africa, naturally their resale value is higher in comparison to car types such as wagons or sedans. In this age of affordable cars and internet marketplaces, getting the most bang for your buck quickly and conveniently when reselling in order to purchase your next vehicle is a great advantage.

What Hatchback Should You Buy?

Even for choosy buyers with unique tastes, there is a hatchback for just about everyone. Most brands on the market today have realized the demand for hatchback cars, and as such offer a huge variety of model types and trims. Prefer a two-door hatchback? Makers such as Ford or Fiat might be up your alley. Need a four-door for the family? Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and more offer hundreds of models to meet your needs.

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