Toyota Motor Corporation Leaders in the Automotive Industry

No writing can do the Toyota story justice. It is simply great, from the weaving looms to greatness on the road and eventually, as Akio Toyoda says, to make people happy when they drive the Toyota cars. Toyota is not only a global vehicle manufacturer, but it is a trendsetter in environmental conservation as shown by the Hybrid Prius, which has proven to be a pacesetter in the manufacture of hybrid vehicles.

For more than 75 years now, Toyota Motors Corporation has been giving value for money. In Africa, people know Toyota before they even know the name of their president. It is a household name. Selling cars is not the only reason that makes this company great.


Toyota is a big employer in the world

Toyota is one of the biggest employers, with over 340,000 employees in the world. This company changes lives not only on the road, but around the dinner table too. Since its establishment in 1937, this company has grown to be the 13th largest company in the world as of 2013, by revenue.  In 2012, Toyota was the biggest auto company in the world by production.

For many people here in Africa, what will always make Toyota stay a household name is that it has car for everyone. Being one of the leading names in the Japanese car market, it has become synonymous with people from all walks of life. Life in Asia and Africa has changed dramatically from the effect of Toyota in the business of transport.


Quality but cheap vehicles – from its first model car in 1936

The Toyota promise to the people is the production of high quality yet very affordable cars. In fact, this is a long stretching legacy from the day of its establishment. For example, when the first model car was produced in 1936, it was 400 yen cheaper than a GM or Ford car of similar capacity. Since then, they have always led in the production of affordable cars for use all over the world.

Toyota racing 

It is not only in the ordinary life that Toyota products have been creating ripples, as the company has also made notable footprints in the racing world. For example, Toyota Celica, Hilux and Land Cruiser have been taking part in select rallies in the world. In Africa, the Dakar Rally when it was happening in Senegal saw the entry of many Toyota teams. In East Africa, Toyota has been a renowned winner in many categories of the East African Safari Rally that takes place in Kenya.


Designed for Africa

One reason why Toyota wins hearts all over Africa is that they make cars that are specifically designed for the rough terrains and the hot African climate. With the continent experiencing extended heat periods, it is important that one buy a car that is designed for just that. Toyota has managed that feat beautifully. In addition, the replacement parts are readily available anywhere in the world.

There have been many phases in the growth of Toyota and perhaps the most notable phase will always remain the 90s. That is when the company started the production of SUVs, high end luxury names like the Lexus and Prado, adding to its hitherto collection of compact cars. In the 2000s, the most notable thing was the introduction of hybrid and electric cars and today, the Hybrid Prius is setting the pace for clean energy cars.

Today the most popular Toyota model in the world of course is the Corolla that has sold over 30 million units, with more to come.