The SsangYong Rexton: History and Specs Review

The SsangYong Rexton, also known as the Daewoo Rexton, Derways Aurora, Huanghai Aurora, and the Micro Rexton is a mid-size SUV that was introduced by the SsangYong Motor Company for the 2001 model year. The model is a freestanding unit and did not replace a previous model in SsangYong’s line-up.

The Rexton is built on the Mercedes-Benz’s M-class platform, and the first units were based on an interior and exterior design concepts rendered by Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A artists. Here, we take a a closer look at the specs and history of this unique Korean SUV.

First Generation (Y200): 2001-2006

The first generation of the SsangYong Rexton could be purchased as a five-seater, two-row SUV or as a seven passenger, three-seater and was only available in the Asian market. Units produced for the Asian market could be powered by one of three engines. The smallest is a 2,696 cc that offers drivers 162 bhp and 342 N-m of torque.

Next in line is a 2,874 cc engine that offers nearly identical performance. Both engines were common rail diesel powerhouses. The largest engine was a 3,150 cc petrol powerplant that offered 217 bhp and 310 N-m of torque. Each of the engines is licensed from Mercedes-Benz and every first- gen Rexton is equipped with four-wheel drive.

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SsangYong Motors decided to introduce the Rexton to the European market, mainly Germany, for the 2003 model year. Badged as the Daewoo Rexton, the European version could be powered by one of two engines. Base models were equipped with a 2,874 cc five-cylinder diesel. The larger engine was a 3,150 cc six-cylinder petrol powerhouse. Both engines were borrowed from the SsangYong Musso and licensed from Mercedes-Benz.

No matter the market, the diesel engines could be paired to either a five-speed manual gearbox built by Tremec or a four-speed automatic built by BTR Automotive. The petrol engines are always paired to the four-speed BTR automatic gearbox.

In 2004, SsangYong introduced a 2,696 cc Xdi diesel engine to the Rexton line. Buyers could opt to pair this engine with a five-speed Tiptronic gearbox. The Tiptronic is the NAG 5G-Tronic that Mercedes-Benz equips many of their vehicles with and is a very reliable gearbox, even after 200,000 km.

Second Generation (Y250): 2006-2012

SsangYong upgraded the Rexton for the 2006 model year. Many of the upgrades were necessary to keep pace with the increased emissions demands around the globe. Two of the more significant upgrades were the addition of a catalysed diesel particulate filter and a change from the common rail diesel used in the first generation to the use of a variable-geometry turbocharger.

Additionally, the parking brake was improved in response to customer feedback. SsangYong also added a tire pressure monitoring system, a forward collision warning and avoidance system, and an electronic toll collection system in select markets.

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The R-line of the Rexton was given an upgraded version of the 2,696 cc straight-five cylinder engine. The upgraded version is capable of 226 bhp and 402 N-m of torque at 2,400 rpm.

 At the 2008 British International motor Show, Project Kahn unveiled a modified SsangYong Rexton 270 SPR. The modified Rexton was so popular that it was added to the Rexton line for the 2009 model year, but was limited to the British market.

Third Generation (Y300): 2012-Present

The third generation of the SsangYong Rexton has been dubbed the Rexton W. This is a mild refresh of the exterior, but introduces a new engine to the line-up. The new engine is a 1,998 cc XDi turbo-diesel designed to meet all Euro 5 emissions and fuel economy requirements. The 3,150 cc V6 is still available, but has been re-tuned to meet Euro 5 emission guidelines as well.

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As 2015 wound to an end, SsangYong introduced another engine to the European market. This is a 2.2L diesel e-XDi powerplant that meets or exceeds all Euro 6 guidelines. The new engine is paired to a Mercedes-Benz 7G-Tronic gearbox for added fuel economy and reliability.

The SsangYong Rexton has emerged as a premium option for buyers looking for a mid-sized SUV. With many of its components licensed from Mercedes-Benz, the Rexton is a durable, long-lasting vehicle for the discerning buyer. Whether you know it as the SsangYong Rexton, Daewoo Rexton, Derways Aurora, Huanghai Aurora, or the Micro Rexton, it is a price-conscious buyer’s bonanza and a solid used SUV built to last.

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