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A Brief Review on Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is one of the most popular cars in Zimbabwe. It is a hatchback that has lots of legroom and space. Combining durability, affordability and finesse, it presents the ultimate car for the Zimbabwean market, being the perfect vehicle for personal use, taxis, hotel courtesy cars, company cars and much more. The small but modest Honda Fit is a sturdy vehicle for the rough Zimbabwean terrain. It also has an ease of service with many component parts available in case one needs to replace. Service parts are easily accessible across the country at reasonable cost and most mechanics are well versed with the Honda Fit. It is one of the easiest cars to dispose in Zimbabwe as it is in high demand.

The specifications for the Honda Fit are the following:
Model: Honda
Price Range (Used Car from Be Forward) : $500 (FOB) ~
CC – 1.330 to 1.490
Year – From 2001

Honda Fit’s Interior is Spacious

bf572950_hondafitInterior The Honda Fit has 5 doors and is very spacious inside, making it an ideal family car or taxi for business. Coming in with a spacious boot, 3 seats at the back and 2 in front, the Honda Fit is as spacious as many sedans can get while it is a hatchback. This car was an instant hit amongst reviewers as it offers more in terms of many desirable aspects. In 2002, it was the best-selling car in Japan as it offers flexibility, durability and affordability. In terms of fuel efficiency, the Honda Fit offers up to 16 kilometres to the litre.

In terms of steering, the Honda Fit offers a very light steering making it one of the best small cars for in-town driving. This makes it the perfect car to be used as a taxi or for companies that do a lot of in-town driving.


Available from a modest price starting from US$500 FOB for a second hand Honda Fit from BE FORWARD, this car is very affordable for many, making it the in-demand vehicle for the Zimbabwean market. One is able to choose the engine power as it is available in 1.330CC for the person who prefers fuel saving over power. It is also available in 1.490CC for those people who prefer power over fuel efficiency, the two variants, however, provide unmatched fuel efficiency.

Service and Spare Parts

The Honda Fit is easy to service as the vehicle has a large boot, thus engine space making it easy to see all the engine components. In terms of service parts, these are readily available at affordable prices in many spare part shops across the country. If a need arises for spare parts, most are available across the country.

Buying from BE FORWARD

If one decides to buy a Honda Fit from Japan, the process is quite easy and affordable in terms of shipping as the car is very small and doesn’t take up much space thus fitting it around $900 for shipping up to Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. For other ports, the cost of transporting the Honda Fit is quite affordable as it is relatively small.

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This information is as for November 2016

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