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Honda Vamos is a car that is manufactured by the Japanese company Honda. The Vamos was first produced in 1970 and by 1973 production halted. In 1999 Honda reintroduced the Vamos as a trim of the Honda Acty Kei truck. The early model Vamos was based on the Honda TN360 pickup and came with a mid-mounted air-cooled 0.4-liter 2-cylinder OHC petrol engine. This engine transmitted power to the rear wheels via 4-speed manual transmission.

Underneath Honda fitted the 1970 Vamos with McPherson strut suspensions at the front and De Dion tube with half leaf springs at the back.

In June 1999 Honda reintroduced the Vamos. The new Vamos is a 5-door 4-seat microvan. Honda equipped the Vamos with either a naturally aspirated or turbocharged 0.7-liter inline 3-cylinder SOHC E07Z engine with the naturally aspirated producing 38 kW (52 HP) at 7000 RPM with an average fuel consumption of 5.3 L/100 Km (44.4 mpg) and the turbocharged producing 47 kW (64 HP) at 6000 RPM with an average fuel consumption of 5.9 L/100 Km (39.9 mpg). The engine transferred power to the rear wheels via 3-speed or 4-speed automatic, and 5-speed manual transmission.

While designing the Vamos, it’s like Honda thought on how best one could spend that free time by fitting everything that is required to get a good rest. The Vamos’ interior is roomy and has a flat floor and a very large luggage area. 4 passengers can comfortably be accommodated on its 4-seats with the driver’s seat receiving some special attention enabling it to accommodate a driver of any size. Some of the standard features of the Vamos are front passenger airbags, air conditioning, and electric power steering.

1999 Honda Vamos

In 2001 the Vamos received some upgrades, with changes on the front part with a new slightly V-shaped grille with optional chrome coating, and inside the cabin, the rear seats came with the option of a 60:40 arrangement increasing the convenience of the cabin.

2002 Honda Vamos

In 2003 the Vamos received some cosmetic changes such as more color choices, but on top of that, Honda released a new trim by the name of Vamos Hobio. The Vamos Hobio featured a roomy interior and a multi-purpose cargo area that can be arranged depending on one’s taste.

The Vamos and the Vamos Hobio are available in two trims, the L and M trim. 

The 2003 models feature enhancements such as:

  • Radio wave keyless entry system with answering back headlight function (M trim)
  • 4 new exterior color options making a total of 10 colors to choose from.
  • AM/FM tuner and CD player (standard on the M trim), and MD/CD player (standard on the L trim)
  • New 12-inch aluminum wheels (L trim)

The distinctive features of the Vamos Hobio are:

  • A high roof that is 105mm higher than the Vamos which equates to more cargo space.
  • Water-repellant door and seat covers.
  • Easily wipeable mats as an option
  • A reconfigurable rear space using provided nuts and hooks are distributed on the sides and floor of the cargo area.
  • A front and rear bumper, plus a large-sized grille.

2005 Honda Vamos Hobio




Written by: Samuel H. Mponezya

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