Lexus CT – Luxury Meets Innovation


The Lexus CT 200h is a 5-door hybrid electric subcompact executive car produced by Lexus (Toyota) from 2011 to 2017. The Lexus CT comes in a 1.8 hybrid petrol engine that operates under a 60 kW (80 hp; 82 PS) electronic motor, a 73 kW power output (98 hp; 99 PS), a 1.3 kWh nickel-metal hydride battery along with an eCVT transmission. The Lexus CT is a unique vehicle in the Lexus family, produced as the first luxury compact and hatchback hybrid and also, the first model to introduce the Spindle Grille design in its fascia. 

The Lexus CT comes in different models namely; CT 200h, CT 300h, and CT 400h, with productions debuting in the North American market followed by the European and Asian sales.

The Lexus CT is manufactured with a Toyota MC platform similar to Corolla and Matrix along with a MacPherson strut suspension and a rear double-wishbone design coming in four drive modes namely, Normal, Sport, Eco, and EV. 

To amplify the uniqueness and appeal of the vehicle, Lexus gave the CT a facelift in 2014 for both luxury and sports models, followed by a second facelift in 2017. 



The Lexus CT comes with an ability that lives up to the electric cars’ standards. It is enhanced with several features that maximize the driver’s ability while on the road at all times. It gives the driver the ability to switch driving modes for greater efficiency or simply a quick response as per the driver’s demand. The seating position is designed with adjustable lumbar support to support the driver with maximum agility and comfort. Its unique performance is highly backed up by an innovative chassis design and an all-new F-Sport package. 

The Lexus CT also comes with a 14.6-inch sport steering wheel in some of its designs to assist the driver with an enhanced grip, along with a 2.7 CT speed-sensitive Electronic Power Steering.

As mentioned previously, the performance of the Lexus CT is enhanced by its driving mode options. The ECO mode is designed with a modified response to climate control and to maximize the driver’s efficiency, the EV mode is designed with an ability to run on low battery power for short distances while at a low speed, while the Sport mode is designed with high responsiveness matching the steering that is less intrusive and offers direct stability.



The Lexus CT comes with a remarkable interior that is designed in appealing leather material options such as Black, Caramel, and Ecru just to name a few. The interior is known to separate the driver with the outside world with its sculpted shape and superior aerodynamics that highly eliminated the wind noise.

The interior comes with five seating positions that when folded into either a 60/40 split rear seat or when both rear seats folded, can offer more room to accommodate cargo of multiple shapes and sizes. 


It is with no doubt that the Lexus CT is not only a car but an innovatively built car. It comes with a series of innovative features that set it aside from a regular car model. The Lexus CT is built with the world’s first automotive 10-speaker system with an outstanding quality enhanced by the Class D amplifier that is 26% lighter and uses only 50% less power than other speakers. 

Lexus did not limit innovation to entertainment alone, they ensured to give the driver full road visibility with highly responsive LED headlamps that run day and night while lasting longer with a greater light distribution, maximum visibility, and most importantly, an aggressive appearance. 

To maintain on road safety, Lexus equipped the CT with a voice-active navigation system that comes with an eight-inch LCD screen and an ability to recognize over 100 voice commands. 

The Lexus CT also offers support to portable smart devices like mobile phones with its USB, auxiliary port connectivity, and Bluetooth that enables the driver to stay connected while on the road, hands-free.


Luxury and Convenience

The Lexus CT is a luxurious compact vehicle that offers at most relaxed feel for the driver and the passengers with several features. The vehicle comes with a SmartAccess push-button Start/Stop and touch sensors on exterior front-door handles that make driving and entrance a way better experience. To neutralize the interior condition in the vehicle is a dual-zone automatic climate control system with air filter and a power tilt and slide moonroof. It is further designed with power windows with one-touch auto-open/close, power door locks, powered auxiliary console, cruise control, and center console with cupholders and storage bin.

If you are looking to join the future of cars then the Lexus CT is a perfect step to take. It is an energy-saving vehicle that is highly eco-friendly and with an incredible performance ability while on the road. To make a quick purchase, visit BE FORWARD .




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