Mitsubishi Pajero Mini – A Stylish Mini 4×4

Mitsubishi Pajero Mini is a car produced by Japanese motoring giant Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) since the year 1994 with the slogan “Fun-to-use mini-car with a lively all-round performance”. The Mini Pajero falls in the Japanese as a KEI car category, but with the looks of a tiny Mitsubishi Pajero (the bigger SUV car by Mitsubishi). Unlike the bigger Pajero, the Pajero Mini came only with a shorter wheelbase, equipped with 4×4 displacement with the option of a turbo or non-turbo 0.7-liter (660cc) engine.




The Interior and Exterior

Pajero Mini is a 3-door four-seater short wheelbase (2.2m) car that is designed with styling to project a reassuring sense of stability and a comfortable ride. It can accommodate the driver and 3 mid-size adults (passengers), as the back seats are a bit tiny. Earlier (pre-1998) models have the dimensions of 3.29m length, 1.39m width, and 1.63m height, but the post-1998 models showed improvement on the length and width due to the update in KEI car regulations. The post-1998 dimensions of the Pajero Mini were 3.39m length, 1.47m width, and 1.63m height. The extension of the dimension gave rise to the extension of its wheelbase by 0.08m; this resulted in better stability, an extra 0.06m of legroom and a much roomier interior. The Pajero Mini has a ground clearance of 0.195m that enables it to maneuver on the tarmac, ice or mud with ease. Earlier Pajero Minis came with small round headlamps and a chunky grille, while later models came with heterogeneous twin-lens headlights, a 2-bar knit grille, a sporty dashboard and all these gave the new models a sophisticated appearance overall. All of the Pajero Mini models now come with driver’s seat adjustment option that enables drivers to adjust their seats to an optimum driving position. The rear seat headrests can tilt down at the touch of a button, and the luggage space can be arranged in several configurations depending on passenger numbers.


The Engine and Transmission

From its first model to the last model, all Pajero Minis came with an inline 4-cylinder 0.7-liter (4A30) petrol engine with the option of a turbocharger. The 4A30 has variants namely the 659cc with an electronic carburetor that has an average power of 37KW (50HP) at 6500 RPM, 659cc SOHC that gives an average power of 40KW (54HP) at 7000 RPM and the 659cc DOHC intercooler turbocharged engine that gives 47KW (63HP) at 7000 RPM. The average consumption of the 4A30 is 7L/100KM for urban use and 4L/100KM for extra-urban use, so with a tank capacity of 43 liters, it can let you realize an extended cruising range. Power is transferred to the wheels by either a 5-speed manual gearbox or by an electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic transmission that realizes enhanced levels of dynamic performance, economy, and quietness. The 4WD models feature Mitsubishi’s Easy Select all-wheel-drive system that enables the driver to select two-wheel or four-wheel drive modes, with high or low range, at the touch of a lever. Due to the popularity of the Pajero Mini, Mitsubishi was inspired to produce some limited editions as listed below.


Pajero Mini “Iron Cross”


Pajero Mini “White Skipper”


Pajero Mini “Duke”





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