Nissan Datsun Truck Car Review

The Nissan Datsun truck is a common sight in Africa, especially in the remote villages. It is hard to find a new variety, as most of them must have been produced several years ago, when Datsun was still in business. Resiliently tackling the unpaved, muddy roads of Africa, this truck is to an African what a horse was to a cowboy in the Wild West.

Whenever I think of the Nissan Datsun pickup truck, I think mostly of the features that I would like to see in a truck, you know, features that would make the car last in the harsh, hot tropical climate of Africa. In addition, I think of the features that would make the vehicle withstand the abuse that it will endure.

Used Nissan Datsun Truck

High ground clearance, sturdy steel chassis, 1000 kg in weight load (at least that is what the manufacturer intended), coming in both single and double cab, both varieties are available in Africa.

Looking at the predecessors of the modern Nissan Datsun truck, it is amazing the kind of metamorphosis that this truck has undergone. Developing into a magnificent globetrotter, from the earlier 1934 to 1955 apparitions (which by the way, have now become rare collectibles). However, here we are about helping people establish the best Japanese used cars and trucks for Africa. Forget about the drive trains, the five or six speed gearbox (leave those to the mechanics) and think about the exterior features that you can see and touch. In Africa, we do not drive trucks. We punish them hard. The Nissan Datsun truck has stood the test of time.

Exterior features of the Nissan Datsun pickup truck

What does the compact class of the Nissan Datsun pickup truck come with? First the varieties are very many. For example, there is the 2-door truck, 2-door long bed pickup truck, 4-door truck and others. You will see all of them in Africa.

With a body made of tensile steel, this is the ideal truck for the roads of Africa. In fact, this is the one reason why the truck has survived for so long. It is little wonder to see a 20-year-old model still going strong, being in the 21st century. The strong frame gives the car the strength it requires to carry any amount of load. Moreover, it ensures that the truck remains intact in the event of an accident.

The rear gate will allow easy loading of cargo. It also comes with latches and handles that make securing cargo easy. Covering the cargo hold with a tarpaulin is ever so easy. If you are carrying bulky cargo, the tailgate can open and lie flat to accommodate the extended cargo, like timber.

Trust Africans to make maximum use of the space available. You will see the truck loaded to meters above the cabin with farm produce and cargo. Our motto is, as much as she can carry, if she still has her front wheels on the tarmac, then she can take some more load, but just a little more. This is Africa!

4-wheel drive system and large tires

The truck can trend on any terrain regardless of the weather. It is the perfect truck for steep terrains and impassable roads. Be it on shale or muddy roads, wider tires will give your truck the perfect grip.

Great towing capability

Connect and tow! But we don’t do that here in Africa, do we? If your friend is stuck on the road out there, you would like to give them a hand, get them out of the ditch. You never know when you might need the favor returned.

Popular in Africa

That is an understatement! This truck has withstood the test of time, climate and the punishment meted on it every day. Today, on BE FORWARD, you will see that it is one of the most popular brands destined for export to Africa. Do know that you can still find the D620 model In Africa, even though its production ceased in 1979. In Africa, cars outlive their owners.

It might not be as popular as the Toyota Hilux or the Isuzu DMax, but it can hold its own against the two. However, in Africa, make and model do not really matter to us that much, as long as it rides on Japanese technology.