Nissan Dualis


Nissan Dualis (also known as Nissan Qashqai in other markets excluding Japan and Australia) is a Compact Crossover SUV manufactured by the Japanese automobile company Nissan since 2006.

The Dualis is a 5-door 5-seater that is suitable for city use as it comes with some good suspension, good ground clearance and soundproofing for a quiet cabin. The Dualis offers two engine choices, one is the 1.6-liter (HR16DE) and the 2.0-liter MR20DE engines, the latter being the most common. It is available in 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive options that are coupled with either a 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic and CVT. The Dualis scored maximum points from the EuroNCAP tests due to its safety. It is also stylish and reliable.


Nissan Dualis 20G Four 2007 Model

In 2010, a new version of the Dualis was released. It came with revised looks, the front end got restyled with the introduction of the latest v-motion grille by Nissan, the headlamps were also reviewed with the introduction of the boomerang daytime running light giving it a classic look. 

The cabin received some little improvement, some high-quality materials have been used, advanced technological features can be witnessed as well. The Dualis is equipped with the NissanConnect infotainment system which features an intuitive user interface, and the steering is a D-shaped multi-function steering wheel.
The interior is spacious, the Dualis comes with low seat height at the back creating some good headroom. The boot is 430-liters and has a dual-floor system designed to provide a flexible and versatile load room. 

The Dualis is offered in four trim levels on the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) namely the 2.0 G, 2.0 S, the 2.0 G Four and the 2.0 S Four. All these trims come equipped with the 2.0-liter MR20DE mated with a 6-speed Xtronic CVT transmission.


Nissan Dualis 20G Four 2011 Model

In 2014, the Dualis was no longer available on the Japanese Domestic Market but continued being sold in international markets with the model name Nissan Qashqai.

In 2014, the second-generation Qashqai J11 was introduced for other markets winning the “What Car” car of the year award in 2014. The Qashqai has proved to be a very good brand with good vehicle abilities that made it a top seller in Europe and became Nissans alltime record seller. The J11 Qashqai has good trim levels, serene exterior looks with LED headlights (an option which is only available in premium segment cars), and its interior is spacious.

The J11 Qashqai’s interior comes with solutions for everyday challenges using some innovative technologies. The Qashqai seats are designed using advanced medical scanning techniques inspired by NASA to analyze blood flow and pressure in the lower back of seated passengers. The outcome was some comfort which made the car sell even better.

Under the hood, buyers had the option to choose from 5 petrol and 2 diesel engines. These engines came with either a 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic or CVT transmission.





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