Popular Sedan Review: BMW 318i | Price, Features & Specs


Features and Specs of BMW 318i

If one is looking for an all-round perfect car fit for the Zimbabwean conditions, one needs to look for the BMW 318i. This beast is created to rule the road. This beautifully German engineered master piece has amazing legroom and a spacious boot. It offers power, acceleration and handling more than one can ever need from a sporty vehicle. It is made to fit any driving conditions in Zimbabwe; does not discriminate as it can fit any driver’s profile: male, female, single people or families. This car is one that says looks and performance are everything. It is perfect on the eye and perfect on performance. From fuel economy, sporty look, amazing performance, affordable to buy and service, the BMW 318i is one of the most popular cars in the Zimbabwean market.

The specifications for the BMW 3 series are the following:
Model: BMW 318i
Price at BE FORWARD: From $600
Engine Capacity – 1.890
Manufacture Year – From 1996

Affordable Price

Coming in at a modest cost starting from $600 FOB for a second hand on the BE FORWARD website, the BMW 318i is very affordable, compared to other cars with an equivalent sporty look, performance and fuel economy. This makes it a popular car amongst buyers in Zimbabwe. It is also affordable in terms of service and spare parts. One can easily find the spare parts for servicing this vehicle around Zimbabwe. Many mechanics can service this vehicle thus making it more affordable.
This car has many advantages over other comparable varieties from competing brands, but due to its unparalleled performance and looks, it cuts above the rest making it desirable and popular to people from different walks of life and calibres.

Fuel Economy

The BMW 318i comes in a modest 1.8 litre engine which is very reasonable compared to other cars of its calibre manufactured by other brands, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. This vehicle can go up to 15km/liter, thus providing fuel economy for the driver. It can save the customer so much in terms of the fuel used, thus making it desirable.

The Overview: Excellent Performance

Armed with a 4-cylinder engine, the BMW 318i is the ultimate performance vehicle. It combines power, acceleration and handling to make it easy to go around, both in town and on the highways. This vehicle can go up to 240 km/hour, thus giving it the reputation of being a very fast car.

The BMW is very beautiful on the eye. With the signature BMW grill and the BMW sign, this car makes people notice you. Armed with 16-inch alloy wheels, this amazing thing of beauty is one of the ultimate sporty sedans in the market that is made to thrill and thrill. The interior is sporty as well and once one gets inside it, there is no going out, it is a thing of true beauty both inside and out.This is a very classy car that is affordable and if you are looking for agility, strength and performance, move forward and get yourself the BMW 318i from beforward.co.jp

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This information is as for November 2016.

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