The Toyota Passo: Malawi’s Favourite Hatchback Reviewed

In recent years, the boom of modern infrastructure in Malawi has welcomed an influx of new drivers to the road. Like most other countries across Africa, Malawi loves used Japanese cars. Especially the Toyota Passo

Why the Toyota Passo Is So Popular in Malawi

The peppy Toyota Passo hatchback has found a large following in this landlocked country, but just why has it become so popular? There are 3 key reasons:

Driving in the roads of Malawi has never been as thrilling an experience as it is now. The well-constructed new roads tempt one to go beyond the speed limits now and then. However, the peak hours offer a horrible experience as motorists are bombarded with queues on all roads that connect the city centre to residential areas. But this gives one the chance to monitor and do a survey as to which cars are the most popular and sometimes ends up in conversations between people driving the same car model on the goodness of their vehicle models.

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However, most compliments go toward economic factors such as fuel efficiency and the pricing of auto parts. This is no surprise regarding the fact that Malawi is a hyperinflation economy. One Toyota Pass owner in Malawi loves his car for the following stated reason: “I use about MK17,000 ($23) to change the engine oil, oil filter, and plugs, plus pay the mechanic. Also, the fuel consumption is just amazing!”

The Toyota Passo can be seen at almost every corner of every road in the city center, at the parking lot of every shopping mall, every stadium car park , and at every church parking area.

1. The Toyota Passo Is an Affordable Compact Hatchback

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The worst-kept secret that drives the Toyota Passo’s popularity is its affordability and range of economic advantages. This vehicle usually comes with a 990cc engine size, which allows one to see well over 20km/L in fuel consumption. This makes it very economic as most people in Malawi now prefer to live in the outskirts of the city for cheaper house rentals, but long distances require one to dig deep in their pockets if you own a big engine size car. This has necessitated the disposal of big engine cars for smaller fuel efficient cars.

At BE FORWARD, you can easily find a Toyota Passo at an incredible price, as there are many models in stock. These prices can range from anywhere between an amazing $250, and up to only $5,000 for newer models.

2. It Is Easy to Find Auto Parts for the Toyota Passo

Another very convincing selling point for Toyota Passo’s popularity is the availability of auto parts at relatively low prices from online on websites like BE FORWARD Auto Parts. For example, the small tires that are fitted on a Toyota Passo can be found easily. The Toyota Passo’s design is quite simple, and its popularity has made almost every mechanic an expert at it. For this reason, any issues with the Passo are typically an easy fix, and because of the availability of parts for it, it is also quite an affordable fix.

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3. Toyota Passo Has One of the Best Fuel Consumption Rates

Whether you live in Malawi, or just about anywhere else in the world, one of your chief concerns when deciding to purchase a vehicle is fuel economy. Everyone wants to save the most money possible, but still have a car that speaks to your style while meeting other demands you may have as a driver. The Passo does this and much more. As briefly mentioned above, the Toyota Passo consistently puts out an average fuel consumption rates, which can go as high as 28km/L. This works hand-in-hand with the Passo’s affordability, as the great fuel economy helps you save even more money.

4. The Toyota Passo Has Great Features

The Toyota Passo is a tiny car, sure, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pack in some great features to give you more bang for your buck. From comfort, to convenience and safety, the Toyota Passo can deliver. If you go to the BE FORWARD website, you can find a Toyota Passo with many of the following features:

  • Power steering
  • Power windows
  • Central locking
  • Sound system with radio and CD player
  • Center display with TV-playback
  • Air conditioner
  • Alloy wheels
  • Rear camera assist
  • Push-start ignition
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Airbags

The Toyota Passo Will Continue to Grow In Popularity Throughout Africa

The Toyota Passo has been proven to be one of the most profitable cars to use in business as a taxi, especially in the northern region of Malawi, because of its fuel efficiency, cheap repairs, and low initial purchase cost. For many budget-conscious car buyers, the Toyota Passo is an easy choice. Its durability, great features and ease of repair part access make the Passo all the more attractive.

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This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 78379 Makhumbo Chikaonda in Malawi. What is BE FORWARD Supporters? Click here to join!

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  1. Nice one but you only talked about the 990cc Passo.What about the 4piston Passo its fuel consumption,i have a 2007 model-14 valve-twincam engine.I really just drive it but honestly i dont know it…how i can save fuel?how good is the engine?And so many other features


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