BE FORWARD Reviews: Testimonials on Kenya’s Top 5 Used Cars

There isn’t much that can beat getting a great deal on a reliable vehicle, which is one of the many reasons Kenyans love to purchase used cars from BE FORWARD! If you are a Kenyan currently shopping for a used car, keep reading to find out the top 5 best sellers in Kenya as selected by our customers, along with real testimonials from happy BE FORWARD customers.

Mazda Axela Sport

Mazda Axela Sport Review - BE FORWARD

5 Star Review for BE FORWARD

by Patrick Olindah Aswani (Kenya) on 29/Sep/2017

“My client was very happy to recieve the car. Very clean, high perfomance and fuel efficient. Thanks to befoward. I will keep doing business with u.”

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The Mazda Axela Sport offers a sleek look that make this car a popular choice for many young professionals across Kenya and the rest of Africa. Whether you choose the hatchback or as a compact sedan, it comes with a variety of features wrapped in a stylish exterior. The fog lights, small headlights, and slanted bonnet give this car a distinctive and dynamic look.

2009 MAZDA AXELA SPORT interior
Above: Interior of a 2009 Mazda Axela Sport

The Axela Sport’s interior is compact, but the driver’s chair can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate for taller or shorter drivers. This car can comfortably seat up to four adults and a child or smaller adult without sacrificing too much space.

The reason for the Axela Sport’s more compact interior is that Mazda went for looks and features that were a better fit for smaller groups of passengers, a common design for sports vehicles of all different makes. Despite this, there is a lot of cabin storage features still included like a number of cup holders and a spacious glove compartment as well as a place for your mobile phones. Boot space is smaller for the sedan variation, but for the hatchback the rear seat can be folded to create more space.

Above: Engine of a 2009 Mazda Axela Sport

Different engines have different fuel economies. Expect around:

~ 18.4km per liter for the 1.5 liter engine

~ 17.2 km per liter for 2.0 liter engine

~ 10 km per liter for the 2.3 liter engine

Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback Review - BE FORWARD

5 Star Review for BE FORWARD

by William Kamau (Kenya) on 19/Jul/2017

“Great experience A+ received in good condition as viewed in your portfolio I thank Benjamin for helping through it was my first purchase and am now looking forward to do business with you.”

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Like other Subaru 4WD/AWD vehicles, the Outback is a spacious vehicle that does not require any driver engagement to get it into 4WD. Many reviews say that this estate (station wagon) is like a Subaru Legacy with an extended boot space—a great choice for transporting a lot of people and cargo.

2011 SUBARU OUTBACK interior
Above: Interior of a 2011 Subaru Outback

With AWD, this 5-seat, 5-door vehicle is more than just a city wagon. Having AWD gives the Subaru Outback  the power to tackle tough driving conditions like trails and mud. It can be fitted with racks for bicycles and other cargo, and also has a high ground clearance (16-inch wheels) making it a rough driving beast.

The Outback’s interior is big enough to carry five adult passengers. The driver seat is adjustable, and the dashboard is attractive and very functional. It comes with front and side airbags as well as power windows and mirrors. For models produced after 2005, there is a also a navigation system, heated seats, and heated mirrors as added features.

2011 SUBARU OUTBACK engine
Above: Engine of a 2011 Subaru Outback

With a 2.5-liter engine, you may think the Subaru Outback is a thirsty car, but it is not. You can get at least an average of 8-12.3 km/l, depending on the road conditions. The Subaru Outback is great for stylish families who love to go off the beaten path every now and then, and also perfect for busy professionals looking for a spacious and adaptable vehicle for driving between cities.

Mazda Bongo Van

Mazda Bongo Van Review - BE FORWARD

5 Star Review for BE FORWARD

by Gerishon (Kenya) on 14/Nov/2016

“hello, i am enjoying the ride very much, and i really liked the way you have organized feedback to the customer in a step wise manner”

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Known in the UK and other parts of Europe as a camper van, the Mazda Bongo is a great vehicle for parents who need to pack everyone in for up-country trips as well as throw in some extended family if needed, as it is an eight-passenger van.

2013 MAZDA BONGO VAN interior
Above: Interior of a 2013 Mazda Bongo Van

Offered in a number of different models, the first model, known as the Mazda E series, was first produced in 1966. The most popular of the Mazda Bongo models, the Bongo Friendee, was in production from 1995 to 2005.

2013 MAZDA BONGO VAN engine
Above: Engine of a 2013 Mazda Bongo Van

The standard Mazda Bongo is a big boxy vehicle and comes with an LD20, CA20S, LD20S, A15S or A12S engine with a displacement between 1500cc to 2500cc. It is an 8-passenger, 3-door van with enough ground clearance for speed bumps. The interior is roomy, with a convenient central console for storing your personal items. Power windows are a standard feature, along with front airbags.

The fuel consumption for this van is roughly 13 km/l, and it is suitable for use as a taxi service, for family camping, or for general business needs when transporting light to medium cargo.

Honda Freed

Honda Freed Review - BE FORWARD

5 Star Review for BE FORWARD

by Peter Gathu (Kenya) on 05/Dec/2017

“Honda freed it’s a very nice Car. Am happy cause the car was delivered as scheduled and in the condition i ordered beforward you are the best”

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With production beginning in 2008, the Honda Freed is perhaps one of the latest multipurpose vans to come from Japan. It is an MPV that is perfect for people who know style and like to stand out on the road. The sleek, curved look of this vehicle gives it a very modern feel, and being a newer model series, Freed owners can benefit from some of Honda’s newest technology, including the maker’s world-renowned VTEC engine.

2009 HONDA FREED interior
Above: Interior of a 2009 Honda Freed

The Freed features a low front bumper, 5-doors, and a slanted look with rear sliding doors that open and close electronically. The interior offers enough space for 7 passengers and cargo. It also features a variety of storage compartments for the driver and front passenger, as well as front and side airbags and distributed brake force that add to the vehicles overall safety.

It is interesting to note that there are also 5-seat and 8-seat Honda Freed models available in addition to the 7-seat model. All models are fitted with a high roof that adds to the overall spaciousness, along with comfortable thick padded seats.

2009 HONDA FREED engine
Above: Engine of a 2009 Honda Freed

The Freed’s fuel consumption is impressive, and is sure to “free” your wallet from any added stress. On average, this MPV can offer a good 13.5-19.0 km/l. It is perfect for bigger families that love to travel, including with their pets.

Audi A4

Audi A4 Review - BE FORWARD

Four Star Rating

by Joan (Kenya) on 07/Jun/2017

“I absolutely love my new car, which is in excellent condition save for slight delays and occasional jerking when driving in slow traffic, which might indicate a transmission problem. However, since vehicles are sold as is, I am overall very happy with my purchase, keep it up BE FORWARD JAPAN, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!”

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The Audi A4 was initially launched in 1996 to continue the Audi 80 model whose production started in 1972, and was offered with different engines like the 1.8 TFSI turbo and 3.2-liter V6 petrol engines, as well as the 2.0-liter, 2.7-liter and 3.0-liter TDI diesel engines.

2010 AUDI A4 interior
Above: Interior of a 2010 Audi A4

Although the Audi A4 is available in different bodies, the compact sedan is the most popular. With a suave exterior that showcases Audi’s signature German approach to design, the interior is also loaded with features like heated front seats, Bluetooth phone connectivity, keyless ignition, cruise control, side airbags for the rear seats, a rear-view camera, and much more.

2010 AUDI A4 engine
Above: Engine of a 2010 Audi A4

In addition, there is good amount of leg and head space for both the driver and passengers that ensures a comfortable ride every time. Fuel consumption for the A4 is around 11.1 km/l, using the 2007 Audi A4 2.0-liter engine as an example. This car is perfect for young professionals and business people who want to make an impression, thanks to its fine styling and many useful and convenient features.

BE FORWARD Reviews Show that Kenyans Love Used Cars!

With over 100 BE FORWARD reviews on cars from Kenya, it’s clear to see that our customers love reliable Japanese used cars. If you are interested in a used vehicle not included in our top 5 picks, head over to our complete stocklist to find the car of your dreams!

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