Subaru Legacy: The Most Dependable Vehicle


Subaru Legacy is an intermediate car built by Subaru in 1989. The Subaru Legacy is Subaru’s Flagship car, currently in its seventh generation with over 3.6 million units sold. Like most Subarus, the Legacy came in All-wheel drive as standard and was equipped with the traditional Subaru Boxer engines.

In 1996, a variant of the Legacy with better ground clearance was introduced to compete in the rapidly growing SUV market. This variant was known as the Legacy Outback. The Legacy Outback was a success especially in the American market and by the year 1994, it was detached from the Legacy lineup and began being sold as Subaru Outback.


Subaru Legacy B4 and Touring Wagon

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In 1999, Subaru began production of the third-generation (1998-2004) Subaru Legacy as a 2000 model. Two models were produced namely Subaru Legacy B4 (BE) which was a sedan and the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon (BH). Subaru Legacy B4 is a flagship sports sedan produced by Subaru since 2000.


The Engine and Transmission
Since its inception, the Subaru Legacy B4 and Touring wagon have been equipped with a couple of engines such as the 2.0-liter (EJ20, FA20), the 2.5-liter (EJ25, FB25) and in 2001 Subaru introduced the flat-6 boxer 3.0-liter EZ30 and H6 engines with turbocharging option on the Legacy lineup. These engines were coupled with the option of five and six-speed manual or automatic or semi-automatic transmission (sportshift).



The fourth-generation (2004-2009)

The fourth-generation (2004-2009) Subaru Legacy was released. The 2004 Legacy (B4 and Touring Wagon) came with a redesigned chassis that was much stiffer compared to the previous models. Subaru also introduced the electroluminescent cluster which lit up when the engine started.
In 2008, Subaru announced the EyeSight models that made use of 2 CCD on either side of the rear-view mirror with the capability to judge distances of objects and keep tabs on the driver. The system had the ability to assist the driver to maintain distance on highways, and the Legacy was also fitted with the LDWS (lane departure warning system) that alerted the driver when the car was moving out of lane and pedestrian detection.

Manual transmissions came with a center differential, while automatic transmission models made use of an electrically controlled clutch which provides power to the rear wheels. The Legacy was fitted with McPherson strut front suspensions and multilink rear suspensions.

The Touring Wagon came with 459 liters boot space and had the option of split-folding the rear seats which increased the boot space to 1628 liters, while the Sedan has 433 liters boot space. The Fuel tank capacity of the Legacy is 64-liters

This generations Legacy won several awards such as 2003 Car of the Year (both B4 and Touring Wagon), Automobile Magazine awarded the Legacy B4 the 2005 Automobile All-Stars for All-Star Family Car, and the American produced Subaru Legacy won the 2005 Road and Travel Magazine International Car of the Year for Most Dependable sedan.


The Engine and Transmission
The fourth-generation Subaru Legacy (B4 and Touring Wagon) offered an upgraded 4-cylinder boxer 2.0-liter (EJ20), 2.5-liter (EJ255) and the 6-cylinder 3.0-liter (EZ30) engines. The 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter engines won the 2006 Engine of the Year awards in the 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter categories. The 2.0i came as the base model engine, it was SOHC version of the EJ20 engine offering an average power of 105KW (138 HP), and the 2.0R average power 123KW (163 HP) comes with a DOHC engine. The turbocharged EJ20 DOHC engine installed in the 2.0GT produces 209KW (276 HP). Due to turbocharging technological advancements and tighter emission controls, Subaru replaced the twin-turbo setup with a twin-scroll turbo and the AVCS (Active Valve Control System). The 3.0R is powered by the new 187KW (247 HP) 6-cylinder EZ30 engine. On this generation, Subaru made use of 5 or 6-speed manual, semi-automatic, 4 or 5-speed automatic and CVT transmissions.

In 2008, Subaru introduced a flat-4 2.0-liter (EE20) engine with a 5-speed manual transmission.



The fifth-generation (2009-2014)

The fifth-generation (2009-2014) Subaru Legacy was introduced at the 2009 New York International Auto Show.

In this model, for the first time, Subaru has introduced some new features such as the side window frames, lineartronic CVT transmission, and electric parking brake. There are some improvements on the chassis too, as Subaru made use of their Dynamic Chassis Control Concept that makes use of high-tensile steel in critical areas to improve strength with lighter weight. On this model, a rubber cradle mount has been introduced on the front-end structure to separate the suspension and the engine from the body for a smoother, quieter and comfortable ride.
The lineartronic CVT comes as standard on the flat-4 2.5-liter EJ25 engine on all markets, while on some markets it comes with the flat-4 2.0-liter EJ20 engine. The 2.5-liter GT makes use of a turbocharger and a 6-speed manual transmission.



The sixth-generation (2014-2019)

The sixth-generation (2014-2019) Subaru Legacy was released in 2014 at the Chicago Auto Show as the 2015 model.


Engine and Transmission
Subaru continued using the flat-4 2.5-liter FB25 and the flat-6 3.6-liter EZ36D that were also used in the previous generation, but the 2.0-liter FB25 was tuned a bit and as a result, a power increase was achieved with an average power of 131KW (173 HP). The 6-cylinder EZ36D produces 191KW (252 HP) just like in the previous generation.

The Legacy kept using boxer engines with the standard all-wheel drive, but in this generation, there is no manual transmission option, only automatic and lineartronic CVT.


Interior and Exterior
The sixth-generation Legacy comes in 5 (2.5i, 2.5i Premium, 2.5i Sport, 2.5i Limited and 3.6R Limited) trim levels. Depending on the trim level, you can get dual-zone climate-control system, 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen, voice commands, satellite radio, 6 speaker sound system or 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system, heated front seats, leather-wrapped steering, power-adjustable driver seat, moonroof, blind-spot detection system, GPS navigation, EyeSight safety system, 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, push-button start with keyless entry, dual USB ports, HID (Xenon) low-beam headlamps with halogen multi-reflector high-beams.




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