BE FORWARD’s Top 3 Best Low-Cost Cars

top 3 low cost cars from BE FORWARD

by John Banda in Malawi

Who doesn’t like a discount? We all want high quality but less cost; no matter how much money we seem to have. Here is an outline of 3 of the most inexpensive  yet high-quality cars you can find at BE FORWARD. The cars described below are not only fuel-friendly, but also have low maintenance costs and are ideal for inter-city trips and  commuting to and from your work place.

Before we get into specifics, here is a quick overview of the three vehicles we will be spotlighting in this post, as well as the amazing prices that can be found for each vehicle at BE FORWARD; Toyota Vitz, Toyota Raum and the Nissan March.










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Toyota Vitz: A Popular Low-Cost Hatchback

Toyota Vitz routinely makes an appearance on the BE FORWARD blog. This stylish hatchback from one of Japan’s leading automakers is highly favored in countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi, thanks in large part to its reliability, low fuel consumption, and unbeatable used car prices.

interior and exterior of a used low cost toyota vitz

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Used Toyota Vitz Price and Features

The Toyota Vitz is built on the premise that small is beautiful. It has to its wonderful profile, the tag “car of the year” which was granted in Japan in 1999-2000. The fuel exploitation of this car is easy on the pocket. They are built with an efficient engine capacity of 1,990cc to 2,480cc, which propel the car to endearing speed. The transmission is either manual or automatic with four to six speed gear options.

They are stable at cruise speed, and are favorably rated when it comes to rollover stamina. It is fashioned with a handy and spacious interior that embodies airbags and easily adjustable seats. It comes packaged with entertainment facilities including a radio and CD player with USB port. This is complemented with quality built-in speakers that pulsate to any CD of your picking. You can go with a Toyota Vitz on a shopping spree without having to wonder if the storage space is  adequate.

One of the Toyota Vitz’s best features is its price, which is quite low for used models, even with the Vitz’s high reliability and durability being taken into consideration. You can find a used Toyota Vitz at BE FORWARD for about $500 to $5,100.

Toyota Raum: A High-Performance, Low-Cost MPV

The Toyota Raum takes the “multi-purpose” part of MPV seriously, with a versatile automobile that can meet a multitude of demands that include speed, space and safety, all without having to sacrifice fuel efficiency.

interior and exterior of a used low cost toyota raum

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Used Toyota Raum Price and Features

The popular Toyota Raum has a lovely simple exterior. The headlamps come with the indicators embedded inside, and it offers smaller-sized tires that can be adorned with wheel covers.  Operational costs should not be a hassle, as their engines range from 1,990cc to 2,360cc and as such are economical on fuel.

Its transmission is either manual or automatic, with four to six speed gear options. It features electric powered windows and air bags for enhanced safety, with its splendid interior boasting an impeccable dashboard with a number of modern facilities such as onboard navigation and clearly visible meters. Additionally, its boot has the capacity to store a sizeable amount of goods.

You can grab a great used Toyota Raum at BE FORWARD at amazing prices ranging from about $300 to $1,400.

Nissan March: A Fuel and Wallet-Friendly Compact Hatchback

The Nissan March, also known as the Micra, is an aesthetically pleasing hatchback that boasts a deceptively spacious interior and great drivability, along with a great price that makes this car even more attractive than it already is.

interior and exterior of a used low cost nissan march

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Used Nissan March Price and Features

The exterior is dominated by eclipse-shaped headlamps, and this cachet brand is recommended for low-income earners. It rolls on small radius tires, and is engineered with a fuel-friendly engine capacity of 1,190cc to 1,490cc.

Passengers are assured of a lavish interior suitable for the entire family, which includes a surprisingly sophisticated radio and CD player system. The windows and the steering are electric powered, and it also features the luxury of a high-powered air conditioner and spacious boot suitable for your everyday needs.

A cheap, well-conditioned used Nissan March can be found on the BE FORWARD website at unbeatable prices ranging from between about $20 and $3,100.

Looking for even more low cost and high-quality used cars? Be sure to check out the thousands on offer at BE FORWARD by clicking the button below.

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This article is written by BE FORWARD Supporters ID 27138 John Banda in Malawi. What is BE FORWARD Supporters? Click here to join!

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  1. phillip

    vitz second hand can go for how much and where in Uganda can I get it in kanpala


  2. Jerard Cheywe

    I love Nissan March, its cool en sized


  3. Joe Thompson

    Hi this is Joe Thompson from Lusaka zambia.. I am looking for a small run around car my budget is K30,000.0 have you got any in stock and where about are your offices so I can come through.
    Joe Thompson


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