Top 5 Recommended SUV In Malawi

Suitable Wheels for Africa’s Rugged and Meandering Roads

Most roads in Africa are not tarred and are poorly graded. What choice of vehicle befits these rugged meandering roads? During rainy season these roads become slippery requiring great skidding power. This is the more reason that those four-wheel drive vehicles are ideal for African conditions .The prudent motor vehicle choice is SUV, which is a short form for Sports Utility Vehicle. ‘Sports’ does not connote that they are racing cars. ‘Sports’ refers to their speedy ability. These are vehicles designed to sail through rough terrain as they have a good ground clearance. An SUV passenger capacity varies from five to seven people. These vehicles are largely used by middle-income earner such as senior managers and project monitoring and evaluation officers whose duties include distant site visitation. With the advent of the gospel of prosperity, most church bishops and senior pastors feel compelled to own one to validate their preaching. The landed costs in Malawi range from MK 3, 250,000 to MK12, 500,000.

1. Nissan X-TRAIL

This is a prestige model that is good for those who want to make gains from tax and duty because these vehicles are quite new. Their earliest production was launched around the year 2000. It wheels on aluminum-rimmed tyres. Nissan X-Trails are crafted with handsome engine capacity of 1990cc to 2480cc. Accordingly they offer affordable running cost and savings on fuel and maintenance. Nissan X-Trail offers plush interior suitable for entire family. It is embedded with sophisticated entertainment radio and CD player and electric powered windows. It features the luxury of gazing at the sky through its sliding sunroof.

2. Toyota Hilux Surf

I remember travelling to Lake Malawi, Livingstone beach with friends on a Toyota Surf. It has an assertive overbearing outlook with a rear that looks like a caravan house. Onlooker cannot help but imagine the vehicle mumbling “I am ready for camp.” The fuel consumption of this vehicle is affordable. The speed is adorable. It is fashioned with versatile and spacious interior that embodies easily adjustable seats. In between the front seat is a platform to station bottled beverages. It comes packaged with quality built-in sound speakers that pulsate to any CD of your choice. The rear has the capacity for storage of a sizeable amount of goods.

3. Toyota Harrier

Molded in a captivating configuration, Toyota Harrier emanates an aura of speedy adventure. It maintains stability with maximum speed of 180km/h. Like a cheetah, it can sprint to acceleration of 100Km/h in no time than 8.5 seconds. The tyres hold firmly to the ground to avoid rolling over. With a sixty five fuel litre capacity tank and better wheel elevation on 70 series tyres, get ready to travel longer distance nonstop. Toyota Harrier offers inside out passenger satisfaction. The interior is elegantly furnished with comfortable electric powered seats. It features safety airbags. For music lovers, there is a radio and CD player.

4. Toyota Rav4

When you see it, you cannot help but dream to buy for your wife as either a valentine or wedding anniversary gift. It has a magnetic exterior. The rounded body curvatures reinforce a romantic aroma. Most of them reach Malawi at a landed cost of from MK 3,250,000 to MK 6,250,000. Running cost should not be a hustle as their engines range from 1990cc to 2,360cc. It features electric powered windows and air bags for safety enhancement. Its splendid interior prides itself of an impeccable dashboard with such modern facilities as navigation and clearly visible different meters.

5. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The exterior displays a forceful confidence and capability to take you anywhere in the world. The vehicle is sculpted in pompous size. It is designed for the elite as it guzzles a sizeable amount of fuel and quite expensive to maintain. It is wheeled on big tyres which exert firm grip on the road. This in turn adds to its steadiness. Its shock absorbing system is so magnificent such that passengers can hardly feel the bumpy roads. Top business executives feel rewarded from the fabulous interior. The spacious interior is further imbued with technologically refined dashboard. The air conditioner brings all weather acclimatization. This is among the safest reputed vehicle.

The choices for SUV vehicles are diverse. The price ranges are wide. Suit yourself. BE FORWARD has a notable reputation of supplying these second hand vehicles in a satisfactory condition.

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