Top Toyota Cars That We Should All Drive

The history of the Toyota Motor Corporation is well known. That the company began producing cars in 1933 and was the world’s largest automobile manufacturer by production volume in 2012 are common knowledge facts. The largest portion of the company’s sales come from its cars. Not all of them are as sexy and sleek as the Toyota MR2 pictured above, but every car produced by Toyota is dependable and of high quality. Even the most bland Toyota can be a better buy than the flashiest Italian sportster.

Today, we are going to look at several Toyota cars that offer the economy, safety, and comfort that you deserve.

Toyota CorollaToyota Corolla

Toyota introduced the Corolla nameplate more than 40 years ago. The cars built way back in 1966 were compact cars that offered few creature comforts and small engines. They were designed to offer reliable transportation to urban dwellers that were dealing with the down economy of the era.

Now in its tenth generation, the Toyota Corolla has become one of the best compact cars on the market today. In Japan, there are several versions of the Corolla available. All are very reliable, economic, and highly rated by owners and safety groups. First among the Corolla iterations is the RunX. The Toyota RunX is a compact car that could be a perfect fit for singles or young urban couples with a small family. Small hatchbacks are not for every one. That is why Toyota builds the Toyota Corolla Axio. The Axio is a four-door saloon that is built on Toyota’s sturdy E140 platform. The Axio offers class-leading fuel economy and is spacious enough to sit five adults comfortably.

Another iteration of the Toyota Corolla that you may want to consider is the Toyota Corolla Fielder estate wagon. The Fielder offers a great crossover look while retaining its classification as an estate wagon. It also offers superior cargo space for a growing family.

Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis

The Toyota Avensis is a mid-sized family car that replaced the Toyota Carina. The Avensis is offered as a four-door saloon and a five-door estate in most markets. It can be powered by any one of nine petrol or diesel engine options. The standard gearbox is a CVT for optimal fuel efficiency. The facelifted styling of the model pictured above gave the Avensis an aggressive, near feline stance that will make your car the envy of family and friends.

Envy aside, the Avensis has earned top safety ratings from EURO NCAP and the Japanese Ministry of the Interior. The Toyota Avensis is equipped with outstanding interior appointments and the latest technology, depending on the trim level you select. Add to that class-leading fuel economy and you may have found the perfect car!

Toyota Premio

Toyota Premio

If you are looking for a mid-sized luxury car, the Toyota Premio may well be the perfect car for your needs. Units like the one pictured above are part of the second generation of the Premio that was introduced for the 2008 model year.

The second generation can be powered by any of three durable petrol I4 engines that are all mated to a CVT gearbox. The most notable powerplant may be the 1,987 cc valvematic 3ZR-FAE engine that lowered emissions by 75 percent, exceeding the 2005 Japanese emission standards. It also increased the Premio’s fuel economy by 20 percent in order to eclipse 2010 Japanese fuel consumption standards.

Depending on the trim level you select, the Premio can be either front-wheel drive or AWD. Trim upgrades can include: G-BOOK, LED taillamps, a smart entry and start system, a rear-view color monitor, and a navigation system that is compatible with the G-Book mX service.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the world’s top selling hybrid car, according to statistics monitored by Hybrid Cars. Given the high quality of its hybrid powertrain and the superior fuel economy numbers that owners have reported, it is easy to see why. According to statistics released by the Japanese government, the current generation Prius is rated for 61 km/l and only releases 38 grams of CO2 per km. More importantly, the Prius has received top safety ratings in North America, Asia, and Europe.

If you do not see the Toyota car that you want here, you can view our complete inventory of Toyota models at this link. Feel free to send us an inquiry if you have a specific model in mind.

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