Toyota Alphard – Luxury With Comfort


Toyota Alphard is the Multi-Purpose Vehicle and one among the minivans produced by Toyota Japan. The Toyota Alphard has started being produced since 2002 and it is available as an eight-seater that comes with various engine options of petrol and hybrid. The hybrid variants have been produced since 2003.

Toyota Alphard is marketed as a Family Car and luxury car and is primarily made for the Japanese market and later on started to sell in the Asian Market and other parts of the world.

Toyota Alphard comes with the following engine 2AZ-FE 2.4L with 2360cc, 1MZ 3.0 with 2990cc but these are the engines found on Toyota Alphard variants 2.4 L 2AZ-FE I4, 3.5 L 2GR-FE V6, 2.4 L 2AZ-FXE I4 Hybrid with the following transmission 6-speed automatic (3.5L V6), 7-speed Super CVT-i (2.4L i4),e-CVT automatic (2.4 Hybrid).


In Tanzania, Alphard is one of the minivans which is doing better in the market until today due to its design, fuel consumption and comfortability, aligned with its price being affordable. 

Toyota Alphard has reached its third generation: AH30 from 2015–present. The first generation is AH10 from 2002–2008 and the second generation is AH20 from 2008–2015.

In this article, let’s focus on the Toyota Alphard third generation. The third generation Alphard was released on 26 January 2015 with new features and new looks such as a new 2.5L petrol engine and 2.5L petrol hybrid engine.

Toyota Alphard ensures supreme comfort for the users with facilities of air conditioners, power steering, engine start/stop key, audio system, cruise control, etc. 



Interior and Accommodation

Toyota Alphard has so much flexibility with seating arrangements: 3 rows and a boot space big enough to put a chest freezer.  The middle row of seats has two points and can rotate to face the rear of the car.

For driving aids, you would find HID headlight and driving lights, Lane assists, Cruise Control only on some versions, reversing camera and/parking sensors, front blind spot camera, and Toyota Electronically Modulated Suspension (TEMS) on some versions.

Some variants have Steering Wheel buttons for several uses like to increase and decrease volume, Switch on/off HID lights and alike.



Toyota Alphard provides comfort due to its spacious interior that can seat 8 adults, with power sliding rear doors, dual-zone climate control, with separate controls for the rear-seat passengers. Electronic curtains are available in some models only, adjustable armrests, and front and rear AV screens with headphone sockets.


Driving Toyota Alphard

In spite of having a long body and high ground clearance, it is okay when it comes to cornering performance. Once you are behind the wheel, Toyota Alphard does not feel as big as it looks from outside. The 2.4L engine has plenty of power and is quiet, smooth, and feel effortless and can pick up speed quickly and without any fuss when required.


Auto Parts

Being a popular brand in Tanzania, the availability of its spare parts is so easy and affordable due to the increasing number of spare parts from Japan imported by local spare parts sellers and this increases the number of people who buy Toyota Alphard in Tanzania. Also, you can find Toyota Alphard spare parts through our online store by visiting the BF Auto Parts Website.


Looking For a Family Car?

Toyota Alphard is the best car for family use because it is an eight-seater and have a wider room for people to relax and feel comfortable throughout the journey. Having a wider space provides passengers an enjoyable journey without feeling tired.

Furthermore, Toyota Alphard is used as a source of income in Tanzania where people use to rent for weddings, bring tourists to National Parks and bring visitors to the airport. If you are looking for luxury and a source of income, go for Toyota Alphard as it is the best of the best.








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