Toyota Aqua – The Most Fuel-efficient Compact Car


The Toyota Aqua is a full hybrid gasoline hatchback produced and marketed by the Japanese automobile maker Toyota Motors. The car is capable of providing an outstanding 35.4Km/Litre and offers modern onboard amenities. Its competitors are Honda Fit, Nissan Note, and Mazda Demio. Toyota Aqua is also known as Toyota Prius C.

The Toyota Aqua is a supermini/subcompact hatchback that has been in production since 2011 for one generation known as the NHP10. It is a family member of the Prius and is manufactured on the popular Toyota B platform that is shared with many Toyotas such as the Ractis, Vitz, Porte, Axio, Belta, Probox, and Succeeds among others.

The Toyota Aqua is equipped with the 1NZ-1LM 1.5 – liter engine which is mated to an electric motor that produces the output power of 73KW. This is capable of propelling the car from 0- 100km/h in 10.7 seconds. The Toyota Aqua is mated with the electric continuously variable transmission (CVT) and its only available in 2 wheel drive options.


Toyota Aqua Grades

Toyota Aqua G – Is the luxury grade that comes with electric windows, DVD-AM/FM player, movable headrests, multi-function steering wheel, interior lighting, fog lights, 16-Inch alloy rims, and armrests.

Toyota Aqua L – Is the base grade that is powered with manual windows, plain steering wheel, CD-AM/FM player, fixed headrests, and 14-Inch steel rims.

Toyota Aqua S – Is the intermediate grade that is mated with DVD-AM/FM player, electric windows, multi-function steering wheel, interior lighting, movable headrests, fog lights, and 15-Inch steel rims.



The interior design of Toyota Aqua feels luxurious, spacious, and more like the Auris than the Toyota Vitz. At the driver’s cabin, space is enough and can accommodate tall people. At the passenger’s cabin, space is ample and tall people will find it acceptable.




The Toyota Aqua has several storage compartments in the cabin that are useful for storing items such as handbags, beverages, goggles, smartphones, etc. At the driver’s cabin, there are door panel storage, a glovebox, the center-box, and 4 cup-holders. For the passenger’s cabin, there are front seat jacket pockets, door pockets, and one cupholder.

The boot space is not big enough like other hatchbacks and can carry medium-sized luggage. The passenger seats can be folded in a split configuration and increase an extra space.


Other Extras

 EV Mode, ECO Mode, Nanoe Technology A/C, and Navigator.


Safety Features 


Hill Start Assist Control, ABS with EBD, SRS Airbags, TRC, and VSC.




The Toyota Aqua looks like a cross between a Yaris and an Auris. The luxury grades come with fog lights, chrome trim, and alloy rims.


Fuel Consumption

The fuel tank capacity for Toyota Aqua is 36 Litres and its fuel consumption is 35.4 km/L.


Toyota Aqua Acceleration


Toyota Aqua 1NZ-1LM 1.5 – liter engine accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 10.5 sec.


Stability and Handling

The Toyota Aqua is a quick car that beats its rivals to the 0-100 km/h dash. When you put the leg on the accelerator, there is an immediate surge of power thanks to the electric motor. The steering is defined and sensible making it easy to maneuver the car in tight urban spaces. Around corners, it feels cool, calm, and collected at moderate speeds but at higher speeds, the body is too light for comfort.


Spare Parts Availability & Where To buy

Toyota Aqua is not so common in the Tanzania car market but as it’s common with Toyota, service parts are very reasonably priced and commonly available in Tanzania. Body parts are expensive because the car is still new in this market, but this will alter with time. Parts for the hybrid system such as the motors and batteries are very expensive and not easily available in Tanzania. You can get the spare parts and other body parts through BE FORWARD by visiting the Auto Parts store.

Hybrid cars use a combination of petrol and electric motors to drive them. For the most part, the hybrid system works well and is trustworthy. However, the batteries that control the electric motor be likely to decline over time and will need a substitute at some point, which is generally around 150,000 to 200,000 miles. 

One might be asked whether the car will still run if the hybrid batteries were dead, the answer is a loud no. The same batteries are used to control basically everything else in the car including the starter. So if those batteries are dead, the car is as good as dead until you change them.

Toyota Aqua price ranges from $3,324 to $19,448 on the used car market, depending on the trim, installed features, model year, color, mileage, and conditions of the car, therefore, you can look into these factors to buy an Aqua model suitable for your budget.





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