Toyota Corolla Fielder | 2007-2014 Model Year Differences

The Toyota Corolla Fielder is the station wagon version of Toyota’s best-selling nameplate. It features the same outstanding reliability of the traditional Corolla with the versatility of a wagon. Under the hood, you will find a range of dependable, fuel-efficient engines. It’s easy to see why Corolla is the most popular car in the world.

With such high acclaim across its lifespan, which version of the Toyota Corolla Fielder is right for you? Let’s take a look at the model’s key years between 2007 and 2014 to help you make the best decision.

2007 Toyota Corolla Fielder

2007 toyota corolla fielder red front body


2005US$ 2770 – US$ 2770
2006US$ 1950 – US$ 3020
2007US$ 1460 – US$ 6990

First Generation (2000 – 2007)

This five-door wagon is a nice car, especially for those who want a reliable workhorse for handling their daily errands. For the farmer, retailer, distributor, or taxi shuttle driver, the Corolla Fielder is the appropriate car for you as it has a large cargo area, five ample seats, and an efficient engine. The combination of all these factors makes the Fielder a good investment.


・ Good fuel consumption
・ Reliable and tough
・ Low maintenance


・No third-row seat
・Low ground clearance

Available engines are either 1.5-liter (1NZ-FE) or 1.8-liter (1ZZ-FE) with a consumption rating that ranges between 15 km/l and 18 km/l.

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Second Generation (2008 – 2012)

2008 Toyota Corolla Fielder

2008 toyota corolla fielder black front body

Toyota Corolla Fielder a 7seater?

No, the Corolla Fielder is not a five-seater. In some countries, people add a third-row seat on its large cargo area to make it a 7-seater.

2009 Toyota Corolla Fielder

2009 toyota corolla fielder blue front body


2008US$ 1190 – US$ 6600
2010US$ 2360 – US$ 4630
2012US$ 3000 – US$ 7130

2010 Toyota Corolla Fielder

2010 toyota corolla fielder gray front body

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2011 Toyota Corolla Fielder

2011 toyota corolla fielder silver front body

2012 Toyota Corolla Fielder

2012 toyota corolla fielder white front body

The second-generation Corolla Fielder keeps most of the features from the previous generation but with notable cosmetic improvements on the interior and exterior. Its loading capacity improves as well, with the introduction of one-touch foldable rear seats that increase the storage area, and if that’s not enough you can easily remove the rear seats to free up more room.


・Good resale value
・Readily available spare parts and mechanics


・No third-row seat
・Low ground clearance

A more efficient 1.8-liter (2ZR-FE) engine with a consumption of 15 km/L replaces the 1ZZ-FE while the 1.5-liter is retained.

Third Generation (2013 – 2019)

2013 Toyota Corolla Fielder

2013 toyota corolla fielder sky-blue front body


2013US$ 2660 – US$ 12,650
2015US$ 3950 – US$ 12,790
2017US$ 5990 – US$ 10,040
2019US$ 3980 – US$ 13,880

2014 Toyota Corolla Fielder

2014 toyota corolla fielder review

The third-generation Corolla Fielder was unveiled in 2012, it was completely overhauled. Changes included a new chassis, new looks, and reduced body size. Despite the size reduction, its interior is more practical and functional, with collapsible rear seats that unleash an 872-liter trunk. Safety-wise, the “Toyota Safety Sense C” safety suite was made available in later models.


・Modern technology and features
・More efficient hybrid models
・Safer than previous models


・Low ground clearance
・No third-row seat

The 1.5-liter (1NZ-FE) and 1.8-liter(2ZR-FE) are carried alongside the introduction of a new 1.5-liter (1NZ-FXE) hybrid system with a consumption rate of 33 km/L.

Fourth Generation (2020 – Present)


2020US$ 8580 – US$ 11,420
2021US$ 10,690 – US$ 12,110
2023US$ 12,790 – US$ 15,840

Improving a remarkable car can be tough! Not much has changed on the fourth generation Corolla Fielder other than some few cosmetic refinements here and there. These include a refined design language that include a prominent and much larger grille flanked by slim and elongated LED headlights for better visibility and distinct looks and smooth body lines that run through the sides.


・Advanced Driver-Assistance System
・Improved safety


・It seems as if the more powerful 1.8-liter model is no longer available.
・No seven-seater.

1.5-liter petrol (1NZ-FE) or hybrid system (1NZ-FXE) with rated fuel efficiency of 18 km/L and 33 km/L.

Final Verdict

With the ongoing buzz for small wagons such as the Toyota Probox and Succeed in some markets, the Toyota Corolla Fielder is an alternative with better looks but similar attributes. It’s a stylish, practical, and sturdy wagon. It’s ideal for poultry farmers, retailers, urban distributors, or taxi shuttle services. You can never go wrong with a Corolla Fielder.



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