Toyota Dyna Truck Review: 2001-2010 Model Year Feature Differences

The Toyota Dyna Truck is a medium-duty cab over truck. In Japan, the Dyna is sold alongside its twin called the Toyoace. The Dyna was originally available in Japan only at Toyota Diesel Store locations, then later available at Toyota Store locations, while the Toyoace twin was available at Toyopet Store. The Dyna was also sold as the Japanese: Daihatsu Delta and Hino Dutro.

A member of Toyota’s Dyna series, the truck variant is a common choice for commercial and industrial workers and has undergone a number of changes across the years that have improved both its power and fuel economy.

So, just how much has the Toyota Dyna Truck changed over the years? Let’s take a look between 2001 and 2010 to see how this dependable vehicle has improved.

2001 Toyota Dyna Truck

2001 dyna truck

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The 2001 Toyota Dyna Truck was an early member of the model’s seventh and current generation, and can be found in a 3L or 4.9L engine displacement with 5-speed manual transmission.

Base features for the 2001 Toyota Dyna Truck include cloth trim, power steering, and a radio/cassette player with two speakers. Other features may include power windows, air conditioning, as well as an anti-lock braking system.

2002 Toyota Dyna Truck

2002 dyna truck

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The rugged and durable 2002 Toyota Dyna Truck comes in 3L, 4.6L, and 4.9L diesel fuel engine displacements, with a 60L fuel capacity. The Dyna Truck is built quite sturdy, and is made to handle many difficult jobs with stellar performance. It comes in AT or 5-speed MT.

Typical features for the 2002 Dyna Truck include a cloth interior, power steering for maximum control on the road, and even a two-speaker radio system with cassette player. Safety features include an engine immobilizer to prevent theft. Other great features include power windows, air conditioning, a central locking system, and anti-lock brakes.

2003 Toyota Dyna Truck

2003 dyna truck

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The tough and long-lasting 2003 Toyota Dyna Truck is available in a variety of Diesel engine displacements, ranging from 3L to 5.3L, and is built for a myriad of heavy duty applications with an AT or MT. Typical base features found in the 2003 Dyna Truck include a cloth interior and trim, engine immobilizing anti-theft feature, sound system with radio and cassette playback, along with power steering.

Some models available at BE FORWARD also include power windows, airbags, a spare tire, and air conditioning. Depending on availability, some models may also feature a roof carrier. The 2003 Toyota Dyna Truck is strong enough to handle many tasks while still providing a smooth comfortable ride during a hard day of work.

2004 Toyota Dyna Truck

2004 dyna truck

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With the 2004 Toyota Dyna Truck, you can find the exact variation for your needs, as this model year is available in Diesel engine displacements ranging from 2L to 5.3L, capable of meeting your needs with ample strength and top-notch performance. This vehicle is available in an AT or 5-speed MT.

In terms of features, the 2004 Toyota Dyna truck comes with the standard equipment, which includes power steering, an engine immobilizer to protect your truck from theft, radio sound system with 2 speakers, and cloth interior. Other features offered by BE FORWARD’s stock of 2004 Dyna Trucks include a spare tire with jack and wheel spanner, depending on availability.

2005 Toyota Dyna Truck

2005 dyna truck

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If you are in need of a solid, heavy-duty work truck, the 2005 Toyota Dyna has the capacity necessary to move large amounts of cargo conveniently, with plenty of features to help you complete your tasks as efficiently and comfortably as possible. With Diesel engine displacement ranging between 2L and 4.9L (depending on the variation you choose), the 2005 Dyna Truck is a more-than-capable vehicle.

If you are interested in the features available with the 2005 Toyota Dyna Truck, you can expect cloth trim, a radio sound system with cassette player, playing through two speakers, as well as power steering. Other available features may include power windows and mirrors, air conditioning, driver’s side airbag, and an anti-lock braking system. Some 2005 Dyna Truck models even come with a rear heater system.

2006 Toyota Dyna Truck

2006 dyna truck

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The tough and reliable 2006 Toyota Dyna Truck continues to build on a solid reputation of dependability and unwavering performance from one of Toyota’s strongest heavy-duty trucks. Available in engine displacements ranging from 2L to 4.9L, the 2006 Dyna Truck delivers on strength and stability. If you are looking for features, the ’06 Dyna Truck has them.

Some typical features include power windows, power steering, and air conditioning to go along with other safety features such as airbags and an engine immobilizer. In addition, the 2006 Dyna Truck features compartments that allow you to upgrade the standard radio system to a more modern entertainment system.

2007 Toyota Dyna Truck

2007 dyna truck

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The 2007 Toyota Dyna Truck brings a 2.7L gasoline engine into the family, along with 151 horsepower. This is in addition to the great Diesel engine, which also saw some very appealing improvements of its own. With the 2-door, 3-seater 2007 Dyna Truck, choose between AT or MT, and expect a sturdy car that can offer long life for your every need.

In terms of features from the 2007 Toyota Dyna Truck, you can typically expect, power steering, power windows, along with air conditioning and a radio system. Safety features include a driver’s side airbag, and some ’07 Dyna Truck models available at BE FORWARD offer a spare tire with jack and wheel spanner to keep you from getting stranded on the roadside.

2008 Toyota Dyna Truck

2008 dyna truck

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The 2008 Toyota Dyna Truck is the perfect mix of power and performance. Offering a variety of 2L, 3L and 4L engine displacements, the 2008 Dyna Truck is made to perfectly match the intensity of any application.

Features you can expect from the Toyota Dyna Truck include power windows, central locking, as well as power steering and air conditioning. Above all, you can look forward to long-lasting dependability.

2009 Toyota Dyna Truck

2009 toyota dyna truck

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The 2009 Toyota Dyna Truck continues the model’s iconic and aerodynamic design on the outside, while available BE FORWARD models features a 3L or 4L displacement engine under the hood.

The 2009 Dyna Truck comes equipped with a wealth of features that make the work truck an even more attractive buy. These features include power steering, power windows, central locks, air conditioning and anti-lock brakes. Some models may come with a spare tire.

2010 Toyota Dyna Truck

2010 dyna truck

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The 2010 Toyota Dyna Truck upholds the model’s reputation of being sturdy, dependable and reliable, ready to endure the mileage it was made to take on. With 3L and 4L engine displacement offerings, this is a truck that definitely deserves a look.

It comes with the expect features, such as power steering, electrical windows and locks, as well as a comfortable interior with cloth seating. Availability of features depends on the variation you choose.

Should You Buy a Toyota Dyna Truck?

If you want to know if the Toyota Dyna Truck is your best option, see how it fares against the competition in our comparisons and lists below.

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