Toyota Prius: A Fuel-Efficient Car


Japanese automobile maker Toyota introduced the first version of Toyota Prius in 1997 as a 4-Door Sedan and this is the full hybrid electric automobile developed by Toyota. 

Based on smog-forming emissions, the United States Environmental Protection Agency rated the Toyota Prius as the cleanest vehicle sold in the USA.

The Toyota Prius has four generations: the first generation was from 1997 to 2003, the second generation was from 2003 to 2011, third-generation was from 2009 to 2015 and the fourth generation was from 2015 to present. 

Driving Experience

The recent version of Toyota Prius comes with advanced safety features such as Toyota Safety Sense C which prepares for emergency braking and keeps the pedestrian detection very easy and aids drivers when you are in a panic mode. 

Another feature is the EV/ECO modes that the subcompact comes with. This mode enables the car to use the battery and saves the fuel to a great extent. You can drive about a half-mile with the battery.

There are also automatic climate control, cruise control, a rearview camera, a 6.1-inch infotainment touch screen, hill-start assistance, bluetooth, USB port, LED headlights and similar features available. Toyota Prius dimension is built for the city and can easily fit in tight parking spaces and traffic jams. It accelerates and gets the car at high speed in a few seconds. 



Toyota Prius offers standard interiors that any average subcompact would offer. The dashboard is made of plastic materials and there is enough space in the front where the engine display is center-mounted. Having a spacious room, a total of five people can fit in the Prius. The seats are static and there is enough boot space for a family.



The exterior look of Prius differs from one generation to another and from the first to the third-generation, the look may not be very exciting. However, the exterior look of the fourth-generation is so attractive because of the grille area, the headlamps are near the hood and the hood opens up easily. 



Toyota Prius offers 1.5 L to 1.8 L with a 4-cylinder engine and two motors that produce a 99HP (horsepower). Hybrid cars are more fuel-efficient than normal cars and their engine emits less CO2 to the environment. Hence, hybrid vehicles are not as powerful as normal vehicles. Hybrid cars need a bit more care and maintenance regularly.

Features and pricing are the factors that one should consider and if you need the 99 horsepower and engine, go for the one with the better driving experience. We have a wide selection of Toyota Prius in our store and here, you can choose the one you’re dreaming of at an affordable price. 


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