Toyota Supra Classic – Beyond Ordinary


Interior & Exterior

The 4th-generation of Toyota Supra A80 was a move into the big league for its maker. Toyota Supra with a 326bhp twin-turbo form coming in a 2-door coupe was capable of 0-60mph acceleration in 5 seconds along 170mph and was more than capable of slaying far more well-fancied supercar blue-bloods on road and track. A bit of a bargain arose when the new Supra suffered from heavy depreciation thanks to a short life (1993-1996) and many ended up being modified and tuned-up. 

The Supra was ready for such action, though, with the competence of 1000bhp if you spend enough money and time on it. Handling and road holding are still inspiring today, without the numbness of Japanese rivals, such as the Mitsubishi GTO.  

The car at the very top of the Supra desirability tree would be a Japanese-supplied GTE twin turbo with the Getrag V160 6-speed manual gearbox. At the lowest would be the usually aspirated GE with an auto box, but even they are going up in price. 

This expresses you two things: one, any Mk 4 Supra is value having; and two, following on from one, if you can’t barrel up the readies for a twin-turbo, you might always buy a GE and fit a straight single turbo to it. 

You’re very improbable to burst the engine or either of the GE’s transmissions – the automatic or 5-speed manual will each comfortably handle up to 400bhp, and even more in the manual if your complain up the clutch – plus you’ll have fun as your asset appreciates. 

The presence of an aftermarket turbo won’t affect the value as the car can always be put back to normal if that’s what the market wants when the time comes to move it on. 

The designed bodywork seems pleasantly resistant to rust, although of course, you can never rule it out on cars of this vintage. 

There are sufficient toys and comfort features. Leather was standard. It’s a bit hard to check the operation of the active front spoiler, which withdraws on startup and drops at speeds above 100km/h (62mph). 

Some owners eliminate the fuse to keep it down for street cred, but speed bumps then become an issue. Fortunately, the Supra community has developed an easy-to-fit override module that bypasses the car’s ECU for driver-controlled suppleness. 

You’ll want to check the correct functioning of the electric windows, cruise control, automatic air-conditioning, heated front seats with power adjustment on the driver’s side, and the original 6-speaker stereo with power aerial if it’s still present. The ABS light should cheer up on ignition then go out. 

Engine & Transmission

The 2JZ inline 6-engine is one of the all-time greats for both reliability and power potential. On twin-turbo GTEs you should be talented to hear turbo no 2 linking in at around 4,000rpm. 

The manual was actually over-engineered, but if you go the wick right up on your engine – which with the right tuning can develop up to 1,000bhp – even this beast of transmission can throw its innards to the four winds. 

Synchromesh wears out on the non-turbo Supra’s 5-speed gearbox and you may notice slight bumpiness on the 4-speed auto’s 1-2 change. 

The Toyota Supra is not a popular car in Tanzania hence the spare parts and auto parts are hard to get and once available, it will be expensive. The Toyota Supra is good at racing and rally due to its performance and handling. 




Written by: Josephat Lukaza

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