Toyota Vitz 2001-2010 Model Year Differences, Improvements and Features

The Toyota Vitz, which is also known as the Toyota Yaris in many countries, has sold over 3.5 million units all over the world since its introduction in 1998. Toyota Vitz was awarded “Car of the Year 1999-2000” in Japan. Its popularity can be attributed to its versatile hatchback design, dependability, and exceptional fuel economy. If you are looking for a low cost of ownership, the Vitz is the car for you.

But which model year should you choose? Keep reading to find out.

2001 Toyota Vitz

2001 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2001 Toyota Vitz Models

The 2001 Toyota Vitz is available in 3 petrol engine types ranging from 68 to 106 horsepower, and providing an average fuel economy of around 14.5km/L to 17.5km/L.

This agile little hatchback’s 2001 model comes with a surprising amount of features both inside and out, including alloy wheels, rear spoiler and power windows for the exterior, as well as a CD player, air conditioner and even a DVD player for certain models on the interior.

2002 Toyota Vitz

2002 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2002 Toyota Vitz Models

The 2002 Toyota Vitz expands its engine displacement availability, offering a 1.4L diesel engine model in addition to its 3 existing petrol engine options. The performance of the ’02 Vitz ranges between 68 and 106 horsepower, with the diesel engine offering 75 horsepower.

Common features for the 2002 Vitz include a CD player, sufficiently cold air conditioner, anti-lock braking system and airbags as safety features, along with power steering and power windows.

2003 Toyota Vitz

2003 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2003 Toyota Vitz Models

The 2003 Toyota Vitz comes in different engine types, including 1L, 1.3L and 1.5. All of which offer incredible fuel economy. While the Vitz doesn’t have much flash on the outside, it has plenty going for it on the inside. Some 2003 Toyota Vitz models feature an electric back door opener and a CD deck for music. Safety features include dual airbags, ABS, and electronic braking force distribution.

One of the reasons for the 2003 Vitz’s impressive fuel economy is Toyota’s intelligent idling stop system technology, which maximizes fuel consumption. If you’re looking for a performance vehicle that saves you money on petrol, the 2003 Vitz is great option.

2004 Toyota Vitz

2004 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2004 Toyota Vitz Models

The 2004 Toyota Vitz is available in 3 and 5-door options. Some 2004 Vitz variations come with different feature packages, such as a hybrid technology. Other versions of the 2004 Vitz include a sporty model, which features a front bench seat with armrest and column shift.

The 2004 Toyota Vitz is available in three types of engines. The 1L version offers 70 horsepower, while the 1.3L version puts out 87 horsepower, with a “high power” 1.5L displacement engine that offers 109 horsepower. For all engine types, performance is a key element in the design of the 2004 Vitz.

The 2004 Toyota Vitz is the true standard.

2005 Toyota Vitz

2005 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2005 Toyota Vitz Models

The design of the 2005 Toyota Vitz has a number of features that improve on its earlier models, including larger indoor space and luggage room, special bumper and grill, and interior features such as privacy glass, audio and CD player space, and triple design air conditioning switches.

The 2nd generation models of the 2005 Toyota Vitz differ from their 1st generation models. The 2nd generation models introduced a number of minor changes that included an increased engine capacity, a 35mm increase in length, and a size upgrade of the wheelbase. Both generations of the 2005 Toyota Vitz offer a pleasing and soft to the touch interior and upholstery and a slew of safety features such as dual airbags, power steering, and an advanced anti-lock braking system.

The 2005 Toyota Vitz is a member of either the model’s 1st (1999 – 2005) or 2nd (2005 – 2010) generation, depending on when the model was manufactured, with the model code DBA-KSP90, DBA-SCP90, CBA-NCP95 or DBA-NCP91 and an average fuel economy of 16km/L – 24.5km/L.

2006 Toyota Vitz

2006 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2006 Toyota Vitz Models

The 2006 Vitz comes as a 5-door hatchback. Different equipment packages for the 2006 Toyota Vitz include privacy glass, CD audio playback availability, as well as remote control keys with smart entry. Other features include style options that offer a sense of quality.

For the engine, the 2006 Vitz comes in your choice of a 3-cylinder 1L engine at 71 horsepower, an inline 4-cylinder 1.3L engine at 87 horsepower, or a 1.5L engine offering 110 horsepower. The 4-speed automatic transmission of the 2006 Vitz uses a CVT transmission, with a 5-speed manual transmission also available.

The Vitz gets better every year, and the 2006 model is a milestone of its progress.

2007 Toyota Vitz

2007 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2007 Toyota Vitz Models

Typical exterior features of the 2007 Toyota Vitz include halogen headlamps for clear visibility during night driving, and folding side mirrors for maneuvering through tight spaces. Interior features include a rear folding bench for superb cargo space availability, and front bucket seats for a comfortable drive.

Other added features that may be found with the 2007 Toyota Vitz, depending on its trim level, include revamped front and back bumpers and front grille as well as a thermal controlled drivers seat which can be set to cool or warm, making it ideal for comfortable driving through all seasons. The center instrument panel is also bright and easy to read at a glance.

2008 Toyota Vitz

2008 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2008 Toyota Vitz Models

Typical exterior features of the 2008 Toyota Vitz include a rear window defroster for keeping your vision from being obstructed, and power side mirrors so that you can adjust your vision safely and easily. Interior features include a rear folding bench seats for extra cargo room, and cloth seats for a stylish yet comfortable drive.

The 2008 Toyota Vitz offers a variety of functional and convenient features across its range of trims and model levels. Said features include tinted glass for added privacy, remote unlocking, smart entry and start, dedicated LED rear combination lamps, and the inclusion of the TOYOTA INTELLIGENT IDLING STOP SYSTEM which stops the engine when idle to save power and increase fuel efficiency.

The 2008 Toyota Vitz has an average fuel economy of 16km/L – 24.5km/L.

2009 Toyota Vitz

2009 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2009 Toyota Vitz Models

The 2009 Toyota Vitz has received an aesthetic upgrade to the interior, featuring plating decorations on the inside door handles and side registers to give off a sense of quality. Other features include an audio CD system and privacy glass for a comfortable, entertaining ride.

The Toyota Vitz has always been a hallmark of quality, but the 2009 model took a major leap forward, featuring improved fuel economy over previous years thanks to cutting edge technology by Toyota to optimize the Vitz’s fuel consumption rate. Make the 2009 Vitz the next model you choose.

2010 Toyota Vitz

2010 toyota vitz

Browse Low Cost 2010 Toyota Vitz Models

Sold in many markets as the Yaris, the 2010 Toyota Vitz is a member of the model’s current and 3rd generation, which has run from 2010. This roomy 5-door hatchback’s 2010 variations tend to offer a 36L to 42L petrol or diesel engine with an excellent fuel economy of around 3.5L to 5.3L per 100km, better than what you might expect for a subcompact.

It comes with two-wheel drive drivetrain, and option of automatic or manual transmission. Its average boot capacity is around 286L, and adjustable to a maximum of 856L for when you need to transport bigger loads.

Is Toyota Vitz the Best Hatchback on the Market?

The hatchback market is a crowded field, but the Toyota Vitz is among the very best. How can you be sure? Check out our comparisons below!

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