5 Tips to Help You Find Great Japanese Used Cars

How to Find a Great Japanese Used Car

The whole process of buying a car is not easy because you have to make many decisions regarding the model, the color and most importantly, the features that you would want. When buying a car from the Far East, things get a bit complex because you cannot see it. However, BE FORWARD has proved time and again that you can get good Japanese used cars with the click of the mouse button. How do they do it?

Rest easy, you will get a high quality car! The Government of Japan ensures that any car they sell is rigorously tested for roadworthiness. JAAI is a not-for-profit (Please note “not-for-profit”) organization that does the testing and issues a certificate. Note that no car, unless illegally sold, should leave the port of departure without the JAAI certificate. If you’re considering a Japanese used car, take a look at the following 5 tips for some advice.

5 Tips for Finding a Great Japanese Used Car

1.     Do Your Research

Do Your Research - BE FORWARD

The most important thing in buying Japanese secondhand cars is to do research. Find information on different car models and their features, including the features you are interested in. Is the car you are interested in buying reliable and safe? Find out about fuel consumption and the price of the car. The more research you do, the more you will become informed on the type of car you should buy and the price range. You can also refer to BE FORWARD’s Buyers Guide for ideas.

2.     Decide on What You Need in a Car

Consider Your Options - BE FORWARD

People have different needs when it comes to cars. You should know which features are important to you and look for a car that has them. This will assist in narrowing down your car options to a manageable level and you will only be left with a few car options to choose from. You should look for a car that is right for you, and a car that you can afford.

3.     Be Open to Different Models

There are so many great Japanese used cars. Be flexible and at least, read up on the features & specifications, performance, and fuel consumption of different models. If you wanted a Toyota Crown for example, you could look over a few other similar models such as the Toyota Belta, Toyota Corolla Sedan, and many others.

Different Types of Car - BE FORWARD

You may have your heart set on a particular model, but in reality it may not meet your needs fully. Be open to buying a different model which will meet your needs better instead of sticking to one model. Other models may offer better features and lower prices than the model that you are into.

4.     Inquire About the Car’s Vitals

One major characteristic of used cars everywhere is that they have had a previous owner. You do not have information of how the vehicles have been used. You do not know whether the vehicle was regularly serviced or not. You should find out the year of manufacture. For example, in some countries, there is a limit on the age of a used car that should be imported.

Email About Vitals - BE FORWARD

Make sure that the used car is within the age bracket of the cars allowed on the roads in your country. In addition, newer models have better features in terms of performance and technology than earlier models. The car should also meet your country’s regulations in terms of emissions, as some countries are strict on these rules. Cars that do not fulfill all regulations on age and emissions are charged more tax.

5.     Save Money: Buy Online

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No other place can give you more options for used cars than BE FORWARD, the one stop center for all types of Japanese used cars. Using their advanced search features, you just need to click on the name of the car you are searching for, and you will get thousands of vehicles under that name, their prices (FOB), reference numbers, location, mileage, engine, and the year of make.

With so many features to assist you to buy your car, you will not need to ask for assistance. You will see why BE FORWARD is the best Japanese used car exporter. Ready to browse BE FORWARD’s high-quality, low-cost selection of Japanes used cars? Simply click or tap the button below to get started.

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