Our Top 5 Recommended Toyota Cars

Toyota Motors began producing cars under the leadership of Kichiro Toyoda in 1935. Fast forward to present day, and Toyota has become the largest automobile manufacturer in the world by sales volume and has sold more than 230 million vehicles; a number unfathomable in the beginning.

Toyota has many tough, dependable models on offer, so much so that it can be hard to decide which one is the best fit for you and your family. That is why we decided to build this list of our top 5 recommended Toyota models, that are also best-sellers across Africa and beyond, to help you get started.

What Used Toyota Cars are the Most Recommended?

Before we jump into the details for each model, here’s a quick look at which vehicles we will be examining today, and what kind of great used car pricing you will find for each at BE FORWARD.

VitzCorolla AxioPriusWishPremio
Engine Performance106hp108hp134hp142hp132hp
Fuel Consumption17.5km/L16.4km/L21.3km/L13.2km/L to 14.4km/L8km to 16km/L
Key FeaturesDVD Playback

Keyless Entry

Power Equipment
Fog Lights

Power Equipment

Keyless Entry

CD Player

Center Display
Rear Spoiler

Large Cabin

Rear Camera

Woodgrain Accents

Keyless Entry
Capacity5 Passengers5 Passengers5 Passengers7 Passengers5 Passengers

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$500 -

$1,400 -

$1,000 -

$400 -

$1,300 -


Toyota Vitz, the Top Recommended Hatchback

interior and exterior of a used toyota vitz from be forward

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The Toyota Vitz, known as the Toyota Yaris in some markets, is an excellent option to help you conquer urban traffic and parking restrictions. It is available as a three-door or five-door subcompact hatchback. Currently in its third generation, the Toyota Vitz is powered by a variety of petrol engines.

Toyota Vitz Features and Fuel Consumption

The range of petrol powerplants begins with a 996 cc I3 and rounds out with a 1,798 cc turbocharged I4. There is a single diesel option in some markets; a 1,364 cc turbo-diesel I4. The Toyota Vitz can be equipped with any one of five gearbox options. Interior appointments of the Vitz are minimalist, but the ride is comfortable and the Vitz offers great fuel economy and safety.

The 2010 Toyota Vitz, which we highly recommend, offers 13.6km/L in fuel consumption.

Toyota Corolla Axio, A Highly Recommended Performance Sedan

interior and exterior of a used toyota corolla axio from be forward

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The Toyota Corolla is sold in many layouts. One of the best for small families may be the latest edition, the Toyota Corolla Axio. This compact can be powered by a huge selection of petrol and diesel engines; as well as numerous gearboxes. The four-door saloon Corolla Axio can practically be configured to meet any need.

Toyota Corolla Axio Features and Fuel Consumption

Where the Toyota Vitz offers a minimal interior, the Toyota Corolla Axio has many superb interior options and has some advanced technology features available. Some interior highlights include the availability of a rear-view camera and Intelligent Parking Assist. In terms of fuel consumption, we recommend the 2012 Toyota Corolla Axio, which offers around 16.4km/L.

Toyota Prius, the Best Hybrid on the Road

interior and exterior of a cheap used toyota prius

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The Toyota Prius is a legend in every market where it is sold. Since it is sold in every market around the world, that truly makes it a global legend. The third generation of the Toyota Prius four-door saloon is powered by a 1,798 cc I4 that is mated to a CVT.

Toyota Prius Features and Fuel Consumption

For the third and fourth generations, Toyota made improvements to address buyer concerns about ride noise and handling. The Toyota Prius also features many cutting-edge tech upgrades. Toyota has taken several steps to improve the quality of the Prius’ interior, making the third and fourth generations great buys for those who want to combine outstanding fuel economy and great ride comfort.

The petrol engine and the electric motor combine to provide a total of 134 bhp, and the recommended 2010 Toyota Prius offers a fuel economy of around 25.5km/L.

Toyota Wish, a Powerful Yet Safety-Minded MPV

interior and exterior of a cheap used toyota wish

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Sub-compact and compact cars are not for everyone. Sometimes a family needs a more spacious MPV to meet their daily needs. That is where the Toyota Wish comes into play. Now in its second generation, the Toyota Wish can be powered by a 1,798 cc or a 1,987 cc petrol engine. Gearbox options are a four-speed automatic and a seven-speed Super CVT-i; both are extremely reliable over the long term.

Toyota Wish Features and Fuel Consumption

The Toyota Wish is a well-appointed MPV, offering many of the latest entertainment and tech upgrades found across the Toyota line-up. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Toyota Wish is the numerous standard safety features to insure your peace of mind.

We recommend the 2010 Toyota Wish, which offers an impressive 16.4km/L in fuel consumption efficiency.

Toyota Premio, Recommended Luxury at a Great Price

interior and exterior of a cheap used toyota premio

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Toyota Premio: the name says it all. It is a premium sedan that is backed by the legendary toughness and durability of Toyota. The Toyota Premio fits nicely into the mid-size car group along with its less well-appointed cousin the Toyota Allion. The current generation of the Toyota Premio is powered by three petrol I4 engines. The base units are equipped with a 1,497 cc engine, while the top trim levels have a 1,987 cc powerplant under the bonnet.

Toyota Premio Features and Fuel Consumption

All of the engine options are paired to a Super CVT-i gearbox so that models like our recommended 2007 Toyota Premio can deliver up to 20.0 km/l. The interior is among the most comfortable sold by Toyota. Leather seats are optional, but become standard in upper trim levels.

Rear seat legroom is outstanding and the Toyota Premio is equipped with the best safety and security features available. It can also be equipped with any of the tech features currently offered by Toyota.

5 Great Industry-Leading Options

Although these 5 Toyota offerings are solid choices for your next used car, this is just the tip of the iceberg. BE FORWARD offer an extensive lineup of quality used Toyota vehicles ready to be shipped directly to your country at the lowest prices. If you’re still feeling lost as to which is the best fit for you, please send us an inquiry.

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