How Affordable are Japanese Used Cars? Let’s Find Out!

Proud logos like the three ovals combined to form a T, the three proud diamonds of the Mitsubishi, the Nissan name and others… They all have one thing in common – they are proudly Japanese! They are equated with comfort, fuel efficiency and most important, they are cheap and readily available. But just how cheap are the Japanese used cars? We set out to explore the market and we came up with a few important deductions. Note that “cheap” here does not imply low quality, but it means affordability in matters of price.

Buy Used Toyota Online

Buying a car online

Just as you would buy any other product online, you will find that used cars from Japan are much more affordable when bought on the Internet. Luckily, companies like BE FORWARD have made this very easy. First, when you visit the site, you will find all you need to know right from the homepage. You will find the vehicles listed by categories like brand name or make, model (truck, SUV, sedan, hatchback… and so on), price (FOB) and most important the year of the model. Some countries in Africa have an age limit on the used cars imported from Japan and others do not. However, even for those that have imposed no age limit, they charge higher tax for the vehicles. It is to the best interest of the importer to find out about their country’s regulations for imported used cars.

Do not buy through an intermediate!

The beauty of ordering your car online is that you eliminate the role of the broker. For example, in Kenya, when you buy a Nissan Vanette online, you will pay about $1920 dollars. That is FOB, meaning that you only have to wait for the van at your port of entry, pay the port clearance fees and all the taxes (which would amount to about $2200 and you can drive your van home. Now, let us look at the cost of the same van and see how much the same would cost you.

In a typical showroom or dealership for used vehicles in Nairobi, if you walk in for the used Nissan Vanette, you will pay about $10,000, most likely more. You can clearly see the difference. When you order online, you will save a lot of money.

Avoid buying through intermediates if you can. They must add their operational costs to the cost of your car, and their profit too. That is why many people preferring buying their imported cars online.

What makes buying used cars online cheap?

On the Internet, there are no walk-in facilities where a buyer can go to admire the car they want. Therefore, the sellers rely on offering variety and lower prices to buyers. When you are buying a used car from Japan online, you can find more varieties on the Internet.

Buy Used Cars Online

What is the best website to buy your used car from?

Look for a feature-packed, easy to navigate website where you can find the car you are looking for on the homepage. Look for a website that lists the vehicles by their year, engine capacity, make/model, and if you would like your car tuned for you, they should allow it. Well, at least BE FORWARD offers such services.

Is the price that you are going to pay final? Many used car exporters spring up other costs on their importers. Consider paying the prices for cars that are indicated as ‘full on board’ (FOB).

Japanese used cars are very cheap, but you have to buy them from the right place.