Cool Cars and the Films that Made them Famous

I certainly did watch when Jason Statham made the Audi famous in Transporter 3, and when Vin Diesel had everyone wanting a muscle car from the Fast and Furious series. And you can’t forget about Mr. Bean who made the Mini Cooper synonymous with… well, Mr. Bean of course.

Have you ever watched a movie and even days after it is over you could still remember a certain type of car used in the film? Or had that moment where you see a certain car model and it immediately reminds you of a certain film you watched. There are certain films that have starred cars that we can all remember. Here are some of the classic cars that have made their debut in film, creating a lasting memory. Can you remember any of these cars made famous in films?

Used Cars

The 1962 Volkswagen Beetle

Popularized particularly by the movie: “The Love Bug” this car has not only an interesting interior but it is also an interesting twist to the usual car models seeing as it has its engine at the rear rather than at the front. The reason for this was so that the weight of the engine could give traction to the rear wheels.
Some of the beetle’s features include a luggage compartment under the front hood, sun visors for driver and passengers, telescopic shock absorbers, assist straps, overhead light, and even coat hooks!

Used Volkswagen Beetle

The 1968 Volkswagen T2a

The popular TV series “Lost” did a great justice by reviving the old 1968 Volkswagen T2a. A glance at this car could always remind one of an African safari and more so in the southern parts of Africa. It is the kind of car you just purchase for the sole purpose of leisure driving. It is no wonder it has been nicknamed the camper.
Like all other Volkswagens, the engine is located at the rear and is air-cooled. The vintage taillights give it a personality, which is part of this car’s allure.

Used Volkswagen Van

The 1998 Peugeot 406

All film lovers like a good car chase; and in the movie “Ronin”, the 1998 Peugeot 406 being involved in a car chase was probably the most interesting twist in that movie. Well, I say this because the car itself is not exactly your idea of a super car; but it was able to keep up with a good chase.

The 1993 Ford Explorer XLT

“Jurassic Park” is the movie that made the Ford Explorer XLT a legend. Coupled with the forest-like setting, this 4-wheel drive just looks like it belongs to the grasslands of Africa… of course, without the Jurassic Park art all round the car.

Used Ford Explorer

Classic Cars Popular in Films

Classic cars in films are especially popular; the reason behind this could be that the cars manufactured in the olden days had more variety. Or is it because classic cars have an allure to them that draws an audience. Take the 1971 Volkswagen Coyote X for example, used in the old series Hardcastle and McCormick. It is not just famous for the stunts that it could be used to pull, but even its appearance is one that lasts in the mind long after the program is over. Many can still remember this particular car despite the fact that the show stopped airing years ago.