5 Reasons Why Japanese Used Cars are So Popular

why people prefer japanese used cars

by Mutimba Musonda in Zambia

Japan is the leading supplier of both new and used cars globally, with the reputation of it being a reliable country where one can source any type of vehicle that is both premium quality and low priced. The country has really lived up to its name as a leader in the car export business with millions of vehicles dispatched yearly and Japanese car makers are consistently the top choice of drivers, particularly those looking for a used vehicle, for the following reasons.

1. Their Used Cars are Environmentally Friendly

The auto industry has been facing a lot of challenges in terms of developing efficient fuels and engines that are environmentally friendly, with the global concern of global warming making huge headlines in the media and various platforms. It is no wonder that automobile companies have been challenged to come up with better cars that are environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient to reduce carbon emission levels.

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In response to the challenges that the global community is facing, Japanese auto companies have really responded positively by coming up with cars that are ideal and capable of reducing carbon emission levels drastically to levels that are acceptable. This perhaps adds to the popularity of their cars as individual and companies alike are busy sourcing for cars that are environmentally friendly.

2. Their Used Cars Offer High Quality at a Low Price

An affordable and quality vehicle is something that people all over the world are really looking for as they buy units for various purposes. Japanese vehicles fit that criterion for being cheap and of high quality of standards. When you get to compare Japanese cars with their fellow American counterparts you will definitely see a big difference in the pricing of units and general upkeep, as the latter is often way too expensive to import vehicles from.

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In addition to this. units from the region of North America tend to be tailored for that particular region in terms of engine capacity and other details. These major differences can turn a prospect into a buyer, and that is another key point as to why I always recommend Japanese vehicles on the top of my list.

3. Their Vehicles Give Top Notch Performance

When it comes to comparison of Japanese vehicles to other automakers in the world, you will find that the performances of their units is impressive in as far as speed and maneuverability is concerned.

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Coupled with excellent fuel efficiency, Japanese automakers produce high performance cars that not only provide great overall performance but are also light on the wallet, something  automakers based in Europe and North America tend to struggle making a balance of.

4. Their Exterior and Interior Features are Second to None

The exterior and interior features of a majority Japanese-designed vehicles are built with a supreme level of care, and are designed with an eye to detail that makes them stand out from the crowd and offer a number of comforts and conveniences.

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Even used vehicles manufactured decades ago never seem to look out of fashion, and still hold their own today among more modern models despite their low price tag.

5. Their Vehicles are Reliable & Spare Parts are Plentiful

Japanese carmakers seem to have one thing in common, and that is the reliability of their vehicles. Notable companies such as Toyota have produced some of the most reliable units in the world, such as the Land Cruiser and Toyota Corolla,  with all of their models ranking high in terms of ease of maintenance and a strong resilience to breakdowns.

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In addition, vehicles from Japanese carmakers tend to have more spare parts readily available across the world in comparison to their European and North American counterparts, creating more peace of mind in the rare cases that a part may not function correctly and needs replacement.

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