Should You Buy? 5 Pros & Cons of Land Rover Range Rover 2021

The Land Rover Range Rover (Range Rover) is a 4×4 full-size luxury SUV produced by the British company Land Rover. The Range Rover was introduced in 1970 and is currently in its fifth generation from 2021.

The 2021 Range Rover is available in six main trims that can be configured in a number of ways. The trim levels are Base, HSE, Westminster, Autobiography, Autobiography Fifty Edition, and SVAutobiography. The Base and HSE trim are offered in standard short wheelbase (SWB), while the Westminster, Autobiography, and Autobiography Fifty Edition can be had in standard (SWB) or long-wheelbase (LWB) configuration. The SVAutobiography is available as a long wheelbase (LWB) only.

What’s New


In 2021, we witnessed the introduction of three special-edition Land Rover Range Rover models that include the luxurious Fifty and Westminster as new debuts, and the SVAutobiography that gains a sinistrous Dynamic Black Edition. 

The Fifty Edition is released to mark the 50th anniversary of the Range Rover. Only 1970 cars will be produced. 1970 is the year that the first generation model of the Range Rover was introduced. The Westminster Edition features peculiar exterior styling features, while the SVAutobiography Dynamic Black Edition comes in motif black color.

In this article, we will take a brief look at the pros and cons of the 2021 Land Rover Range Rover for the sake of knowledge sharing. Please follow through.

5 Pros

Muscular Engine Lineup


The 2021 Range Rover is offered in a choice of several powertrains. These include the base model fitted with a turbocharged 3.0-liter (P360) V6 petrol engine with 355 hp mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. This engine is powerful, it can accelerate from 0 – 100 kph in 6.6 seconds. The gears shift smoothly and swiftly, enabling relatively quick hasty maneuvers at high-speed.

An upgraded turbocharged 3.0-liter (P400) version of the (P360) engine is an option, with an output of 395 hp. It reduces the SUVs’ acceleration from 0 – 100 kph to 5.9 seconds. Apart from these, other optional petrol engines are the high-performance supercharged 4.4-liter V8  (P525 and P565) with 518 hp and 557 hp respectively. These supercharged V8 engines offer sharper throttle response and bossy acceleration. They accelerate from 0 – 100 kph in just 5.1 seconds.

There are two other extra engine options that include a plug-in hybrid that pairs a turbocharged 2.0-liter (P400e) 4-cylinder petrol engine with a 112 hp electric motor with an output of 398 hp and a turbocharged 3.0-liter (D250) V6 diesel engine with 254 hp. Both engines transfer power to the wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission. The PHEV system offers a smooth blend of gas and electric power, and it can accelerate from 0 – 100 mph in 6.8 seconds, while the hushed V6 diesel engine hauls the SUV around at ease. It accelerates from 0 – 100 kph in 7.0 seconds.

Smooth Ride

The 2021 Range Rover is a two-row SUV with a pleasant, comfortable and quiet ride, thanks to its adaptive air suspension, which automatically soaks up dips and bumps in the road as well as improving the car’s aerodynamic efficiency. This is more obvious in models fitted with 19- or 20-inch wheels. Rides are swift and smooth, especially on models powered by the supercharged V8. If you end up in a remote location, Range Rover’s terrain-response system is a bonus, it automatically adjusts to make sure the car tackles challenges at ease and eventually arrives at its ultimate destination.

The 2021 Range Rover is also great for urban use as it offers great outward visibility, responsive steering, a relatively small turning circle, and ease of parking and maneuvering in tight parking spaces. Braking is excellent and sufficient.

Excellent Balance of Off-road Ability and Luxury

Originally, Range Rovers were built for the sole purpose of blending luxury with off-roading capabilities, a feat they performed very well, and made their business. These days not much is said nor advertised regarding the Range Rovers’ blend of luxury and off-roading prowess as much as the competitors do, but truth is, the Range Rovers’ off-road capability is unquestionable. With its air suspensions at maximum setting, the SUV boasts 11.7 inches of ground clearance which enables it to safely maneuver through rocks and ditches without harming its lower side. As standard, the 2021 Range Rover comes with an AWD system with a two-speed transfer case in low and high-range, which maximizes traction on rugged surfaces. In addition, the 2021 Range Rover is equipped with features such as a low-speed crawl control system, a limited-slip differential, and off-road traction control.

A State-of-the-Art Interior


The interior finishing of the 2021 Range Rover is plush, there are plenty of high-end quality materials from padded leather matched with fine wood color and grain, soft-touch plastics, and aluminum. The cabin is well insulated against road and wind noise making it tranquil and quiet, even at higher speeds. Small details like the heated center armrests and a gesture-controlled power sunshade set the Range Rover apart, as does the elegant simplicity of its high-tech cabin.

There are two 10-inch infotainment touchscreens with responsive pinch-to-zoom and swipe functionality. The driver is treated with a configurable 12.3-inch digital instrument display and a head-up display. 

New on the 2021 model is a Cabin Air Ionization system activated by the driver pressing a “Purify” button, and the system starts filtering particulates 2.5 micrometers or more.

Unbeatable Rear Legroom

With its rear legroom at 48.0-inches, the 2021 Range Rover Long Wheelbase (LWB) is unbeaten when it comes to rear legroom in full-size SUVs. With that much space, the 2021 Range Rover LWB offers the most comfortable accommodation found in luxury SUVs for rear-seat occupants.

5 Cons

Less Cargo Space than Rivals


The 2021 Range Rover has a decent-sized cargo area, but it’s inferior to the rest of the large luxury SUVs for aggregate space. The base model has 977 liters of cargo space with the rear seats in place and 2007 liters with rear seats folded. The long-wheelbase model has a total cargo space of 2194 liters.

To access the cargo area you have to open the split tailgates that are usefully designed to keep small or loose items constricted within the cargo area but on a different note, you’ll need extra energy to haul bulkier items over the carpet into a desirable place within the cargo area, which is grueling when it comes to heavy objects.

High Base Price

The 2021 Range Rover price starts at USD92,000 MSRP for the base model, which is way above average for a large luxury SUV. The price swiftly climbs to USD97,000 when you opt for the second HSE trim and it keeps rising to a maximum of USD211,000 for the premium SVAutobiography LWB model. You get a healthy amount of standard features, and a cabin finished with high-end materials. But with all that, still, the prices don’t feel that competitive, and the car just doesn’t seem quite worth the money.

Glitchy Infotainment System


The infotainment system is a mixed bag. The 2021 Range Rover comes fitted with a Meridian stereo with premium sound quality. The integrated navigation system works like a charm, offering proper traffic routing with an effortless function to add points to your route. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration and a crisp screen are a welcome addition to the system.

Sadly, all of these features work via the slow infotainment system. The system is a job well done when it comes to customization and graphics, but its operation is too slow, especially at start-up. It’s generally irritating to use. The basic voice controls, with their average accuracy, don’t make it any better.

A High Initial Price

The stumbling block for purchasing a Range Rover is its initial starting price. This has been the case over the years, and it’s still the case with the 2021 model. But the Range Rover is a premium luxury car that lives by the true meaning of luxury in all aspects. You also get the best in off-road capabilities and performance on the market. With all these characteristics, the 2021 Range Rover is worth the price.

Fiddly Handling and Steering


The 2021 Range Rover has an unquestionable presence and is capable of making any driver behind its wheel feel special. There’s also the unapologetic truck-ish feel to its character that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. But with the growth of competition within the class, the Range Rover is no longer the only big SUV that can offer these characteristics.

It’s also tedious to drive. Some might consider this trait as part of its appeal, but it’s an undisputedly unluxurious attribute. You are preoccupied with braking and throttle, planning every action, and the steering wheel requires constant tending. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that, in today’s competitive landscape, the Range Rover has gone from being a unique proposition to another face in the crowd.

Final Verdict

The Range Rover is a premium and luxurious full-size SUV with integrated off-road capability. The 2021 Range Rover lives to that reputation by offering an overwhelming number of suitable features and luxury themes. It also offers plenty of room for cargo and passengers.

If you’re in the market for a luxury SUV that can take you places, then look no further than the 2021 Land Rover Range Rover. Please visit BE FORWARD and check out our list of used Land Rover Range Rover on sale.




Written by: Samuel H. Mponezya

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