The Pros and Cons of Modifying Your Car



Modifying a car is getting more popular nowadays, something that surely every car owner wants to do for their car. After all, who wouldn’t want a customized car with all your specifications put to them? It is something that car lovers or car enthusiasts won’t just avoid doing for their cars. It does not just make a car more unique but personalizes it by putting your specifications to the car. It also results in making the car stand out not just on the road but from the rest. Now, if you are already thinking about how to upgrade your car, please first read this article to know the pros and cons of modifying a car. You must know if it’s safe and the legality of the modification you are planning to do. Besides, modifying is quite not cheap, so you should consider everything first before you spend every penny on modifying your car.

The Pros of Modified Cars


Modifying a car is as cool as many think with its upgraded features, engines, and some parts. It’s not just giving a more unique touch to the car but also developing it for the better. Especially making it more stand out from the rest, showcasing what your car can give. Adding some parts or features that you might think that the car needs is also good when the vehicle is already old. Some parts are outdated and need new equipment, that’s what modifying needs for. Of course, always ask a professional for the betterment and safety of the car as well as yourself. The main advantage of a modified car is to make it look cooler and more improved than before, from its design to the engines.


The Cons of Modified Cars

Purchasing modified cars means taking a chance on the vehicle without knowing its history or its original look. It is always a risky chance especially if you wouldn’t know if the parts that are installed are reliable, durable, high quality, or genuine. Or how long it is even installed, for some sellers might skip telling any unnecessary part just for the car to be bought. You can’t even be sure if the one who modifies the car is a professional or just a wannabe expert. Yes, it may look cooler on the outside but it doesn’t mean it looks good in the long run. Besides, modifying cars is quite expensive but it doesn’t mean it has a high resale value. Some modified cars are not a good investment because other customers still prefer a clean car with a good warranty.

Are the modifications safe?


Modifying a car is now getting its rise in popularity that sometimes customers want to take the limit beyond the boundary. Who wouldn’t be amazed by driving a car with much better performance? Better fuel economy? And add some cool features and equipment that makes the car more pleasing to the eye? Yes, it all looks good and dandy, but is it safe? Is it even legal? The parts that can be added are all good but when put together can it be driven without consequence? If it is done professionally, then it is safe, but if done improperly and without using the genuine parts and poor quality then that’s the problem of safety will arise. Particularly, when chassis and suspensions are being modified. The handling, stability, and braking will be compromised, obstructing the whole system and may cause problems for the driver and passengers as well as the pedestrians. Even adding some features inside the cabin may disrupt the airbags system resulting in more problems.


When modifying a car, it doesn’t mean that the warranty will be done for, but it’s the performance and safety of the car. If the car is damaged because of the sloppy modification then the warranty is guaranteed void. It is good to always ask the automaker before starting planning to modify your car so there’s no worry about the warranty. But if you bought a used car or modified car, then you don’t have anything to worry about. Then there’s a problem in legality because some modifications are not allowed or can violate the law. Specifically, modifying the engine may affect the emission of a car and sometimes result in being denied in a smog test. So if you are planning to modify the engine of your car then think first because it will also change the emission of your car and it will not be for the better.


After reading some information and getting some insights on modified cars as well knowing the advantages and disadvantages and yet remain on your plan to modify a car or maybe buy a modified car, then the next step is to have your hands on the said modified car. Disregarding the safety and legality of the modified car, it is still a car that you like and want. Besides, it’s a car with cool looks and features that can only be seen in movies, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on their very own modified car and drive it on the road freely. All you need to do is to prepare yourself and get a good professional mechanic for the modification you are about to do on your car. Besides, it is all for the better of your car and to showcase what your car can offer, a little effort, time, and money will make your car more worth it. Or if you bought an already modified car, then consult an expert if it’s safe and legal to drive it on the road. If not, then breaking the law just once is not a bad idea. Just count it as a really good driving experience.




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