Top 10 Tips To Reduce Driving Fatigue On A Long Trip

For some of the car lovers and enthusiasts out there, road trips are one of the most amazing things to do especially if you are on a vacation and just want to relax and get some me-time whether going on long or short trips. Though it is one of the fantastic ways to explore and test your car’s limit, it is still also a tiring endeavor. According to research, one of the major reasons of car accidents is driver fatigue. They either fall asleep or are drunk which can be avoided. Although all drivers can be affected by fatigue not just from driving but also from other factors as well like lack of sleep, long working hours, other demanding tasks, and so on.
That is why it is very important to know how to reduce driving fatigue on the road.

10 Tips Reducing Fatigue on A Long Drive

Get enough sleep the night before your drive

Getting yourself plenty of sleep before your long road trips is one of the things you must do to avoid getting tired while driving. Driving while tired will just increase the possibility of you causing an accident so it is best to go to bed early the night before your trip and eliminate distractions so you can rest properly and have enough strength during the duration of your trip.

Maintain a good body posture

Make sure that you maintain a good posture while driving and your body alert while constantly keeping your eyes straight ahead. A lumbar support mesh will assist you to sit up straight and reduce back pain so getting one will likely be a good idea.

Take regular breaks

Driving long trips can be tiring so the best way to keep your wits and strength is to have frequent breaks. Getting out of the car to get some fresh air, stretching your legs, and interacting with people will boost your energy levels. It is very important to have breaks to ward off exhaustion and keep you awake for a couple of hours.

Stop at a rest stop

Stopping at a rest stop is one of the best way for the drivers and passengers to take a rest, walk around, and grab some drinks to get your strength back. But if you are really exhausted, then it is better to pull over and get a 30-60 minute power nap before going back on the road. Even 30-minute is enough to feel more rested and recharged to continue driving for a while.

Do not drink before or while driving

Everyone knows that drinking alcohol before or while driving is one of the very bad habits to do of a driver. It will not just be causing you big trouble but also an unnecessary accident that should have been avoided. Even a small amount of alcohol can make you tired or drowsy which makes it harder to drive before or during your trips. So, it is better to stay out of alcohol whenever you have plans to go on any trip, be it a short or long trip.


Avoid eating heavy meals

When we are hungry we tend to eat lots of food and it is okay, but if you are planning to hit the road after that heavy meal then it is not okay because it will just make you sleepy thereafter. It is much better to eat something light even if you are hungry like some healthy snacks which will also help to keep you awake. Make sure to also eat slowly to avoid feeling bloated and sleepy.

Keep the car cool and stimulating

Keep the car cool by turning on the AC at a low setting during the hot summer months or rolling down the windows periodically. Reducing the temperature of the car will give a slight chill that can help keep your body alert and awake. You can also turn on the music with your favorite playlist on it to stay focused and make sure to be involved in the driving. Using cruise control means you are not fully involved in the driving and will just make you more sleepy, so better use your feet to help you awake.

Avoid driving very late at night

Avoid driving very late in the day because it is the time when your body tends to be the sleepiest. You should plan your trips during daylight hours when you are most alert, though it depends on the person’s body and time preferences. It is best to plan your trips on which time is best for you and avoid driving more than 8 hours a day.

Drive with a friend/family

It is easier to stay awake when you have someone to keep you engaged and the road trips will be more enjoyable. A friend or a family will be a lovely addition to keep your mind alert and can also take over while you rest. It is definitely hard to fall asleep when you have a lively company, just don’t lose sight of the road or get distracted and it will be an amazing trip.

Drink Coffee/Caffeinated (In Moderation)

Having a coffee or caffeinated drinks in moderation will help your journey. It is better to only have coffee once every four hours or longer. Consuming too much coffee will just cause you more trouble in the long run so take a drink moderately to give you the caffeine jolt you need.


Driving is an amazing way to relax, whether you are on a short trip or a long trip. You can go explore other places or go off-road just by driving and it is a wonderful thing to do. But keeping yourself safe is also one of the most important things to consider when you are going on these trips. And being tired while driving is not considered a wonderful thing right? So to not risk any damage, it is better to plan all your road trips and read this article to help you on your long journey.




Written by: Esther Abranilla

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