10 Honda Cars with Great Fuel Economy

Honda Cars are renowned the world over–not just because of their aesthetic design, but also their great fuel economy.

After years perfecting the cars in production lines, the engineers at Honda seem to have found a winning formula. They’ve been able to successfully produce reliable vehicles that can handle different terrain without having to chug all the fuel out of the tank.

Which Honda Cars Have the Best Fuel Economy?

We will be covering a wide range of Honda cars to see which models have the best fuel economy across different body types. Click on a model name below to learn more.


Best Fuel Efficient Honda Sedans

Which Honda sedans feature long-lasting tank time? Read below to find out.

Honda Civic

civic fuel efficient honda

Browse Low Cost Honda Civic Models

There are very few cars that can match up to the Honda Civic in terms of reliability. The car also makes for an enjoyable driving experience when you’re behind the wheel. With a leather wound steering wheel for comfort levels, you’re certainly going to have the time of your life cruising through the streets in this easy-to-handle model.

The compact car is available as either a sedan or coupe. The different trim levels available are Si, EX, EX-L, LX, and DX.

With an average fuel consumption rate of 11.6km/L, the Honda Civic boasts great fuel economy.

Honda Accord

honda accord fuel efficient

Browse Low Cost Honda Accord Models

Honda Accord has ample passenger space and excellent finish in both the interior and exterior departments. Its all-around sporty finish ensures that the Honda Accord is able to maintain high resale value.

Available in both regular and coupe body styles, you’re sure to have a comfortable ride handling the car in cityscapes. With the sedan boasting a 14-cubic foot trunk capacity, there’s some degree of freedom with regards to what size you really want.

The Honda Accord has a fuel consumption rate of about 14km/L.

Honda Inspire

honda inspire fuel efficient

Browse Low Cost Honda Inspire Models

This Japanese sedan is quite large and has a distinct rounded, solid look to it. The engineers at Honda decided to come up with the Honda Inspire model in order to provide drivers with great engine performance. Evidence of this is found under the hood where a VTEC V6 engine sits pretty.

The Honda Inspire has great handling on the road, and the tires seem to have excellent grip on the road when navigating corners.

It’s a real treat to drive and it registers an average fuel consumption rate of 9.9km/L on the road.

Best Fuel Efficient Honda Hatchbacks

Enjoy your ride around town, and spend less in the process. Try these Honda hatchbacks for a great fuel-efficient option.

Honda Fit

honda fit fuel efficient

Browse Low Cost Honda Fit Models

The Honda Fit’s exterior is specially designed to reduce air resistance and promote fuel efficiency. The electric keyless entry system and excellent passenger space on the Honda Fit are just what the doctor ordered.

It’s not a stretch to say that there’s no compact hatchback that can beat the Honda Fit’s perfect blend of performance and practicality. The versatility on show in both the interior department and the exterior driving dynamics is quite exceptional.

With a fuel economy of about 17.2km/L, the Honda Fit provides you with great convenience when driving.

Honda Airwave

honda airwave fuel efficient

Browse Low Cost Honda Airwave Models

The Honda Airwave van has plenty of luxurious seating and space in the interior section. The exterior section is no slouch either. There are various colors to choose from, including Red, Blue, White, Black, Silver, and Green, which adds an allure to the car. In addition to this, the Honda Airwave comes with alloy wheels which are quite sturdy when hitting the road.

If you’re all about the entertainment value, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Honda Airwave features one of the most impressive entertainment systems, with the Navigation and TV systems fitting quite well on a single display.

The average fuel consumption of the Honda Airwave is about 17km/L.

Best Fuel Efficient Honda SUVs

These Honda SUVs let you go off-road without getting bogged down by high fuel costs.

Honda Crossroad

honda crossroad fue efficient

Browse Low Cost Honda Crossroad Models

This SUV has a fun, confident feel about it in the interior department. The square motif design creates a sense of urban style that’s consistently maintained all throughout.

The Honda Crossroad has a great turning radius thanks to the angular design of the headlights. Despite being an SUV, it’s right at home in town centers, and you can confidently cruise with surprising ease.

Honda designers equipped the Honda Crossroad with two variations of i-VTEC engines. Users get to pick either the 1.8L or the 2L version. For nimble performance, the engine is paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The Honda Crossroad registers an impressive 13.8km/L in terms of fuel efficiency.

Honda CR-V

honda cr-v fuel efficient

Browse Low Cost Honda CR-V Models

This is one of the most affordable compact SUVs in the world. Having said that, it’s worth noting that the Honda CR-V also features a very comfortable set up for your driving pleasure. The interior is quite roomy, safety features are excellent, and the car ranks highly in reliability ratings.

There’s an assortment of amazing features on the Honda CR-V like keyless entry system, cloth upholstery, and CD stereo with AUX input jack.

The 4-cylinder engine is capable of producing 180-horsepower, and records about 11.6km/L in fuel economy.

Best Fuel Efficient Honda Minivans & MPVs

These fuel-efficient Honda minivans let you spend more on family fun and less on gasoline.

Honda Step WGN

honda step wgn fuel efficient

Browse Low Cost Honda Step WGN Models

The Honda Step WGN is beloved in a number of countries throughout the world. With neat features in the interior section like power windows, power steering, a sunroof and cozy seat covers, it’s easy to see where all the admiration comes from.

In terms of safety, the Honda Step WGN is fitted with some of the most impressive features in the market. The anti-lock braking system pairs up nicely with the traction control for a safer driving experience.

The Honda Step WGN registers an impressive fuel consumption rate of about 12.6km/L.

Honda Odyssey

honda odyssey fuel efficient

Browse Low Cost Honda Odyssey Models

The interior of the Honda Odyssey features hard plastics and thick leather, which makes for easy cleaning and stress-free maintenance.

The car also has a working mix of V6 power, convenience, agility on the road, and a range of safety features which makes this a prized family minivan.

Coming in four different trim models, LX, EX, EX-L and Touring, the Honda Odyssey is powered by a 3.5L V6 engine capable of producing 244 horsepower. It also has an average fuel consumption rate of about 11.6km/L.

Honda Freed

honda freed fuel efficient

Browse Low Cost Honda Freed Models

The interior of the Honda Freed is quite spacious and the seat arrangement ensures that there is ample leg space for a smooth driving experience, especially if you’re traveling long distances.

The rear segment of the vehicle features a sliding door. This is quite handy in situations where you find yourself in tightly squeezed spaces.

The vehicle comes with a 1.5L i-VTEC engine which is paired up nicely with the CVT and a torque converter.

There’s a real-time fuel consumption indicator on the dashboard, a necessary requirement in most vehicles in this day and age. You’ll also be pleased to learn that the Honda Freed has a fuel economy of about 14km/L.

Is a Fuel-Efficient Honda Car Right for You?

Having analyzed different Honda cars with great fuel economy, we believe you’re primed to make a choice from our catalog.

As a brand, Honda has constantly evolved its production efforts to match the demands of the modern driver. With great safety and driving features on offer, the various models produced tend to stand the test of time.

If you find Honda cars to be closely matched to your needs as a driver, visit our BE FORWARD stock page to find the low-cost, fuel-efficient Honda vehicle you’ve been looking for now!

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