10 Best Lexus Cars with Great Fuel Economy

Lexus, the luxury brand of Toyota Motors, specializes in crafting high-quality, dependable, contemporary, and fuel-efficient vehicles. As one of the leading and most popular luxury brands, Lexus offers a range of powerful engines, fuel efficiency, and affordability that appeal to customers seeking the latest models or pre-owned cars. Now, let’s delve into the discussion of the top 10 Lexus cars renowned for their outstanding fuel economy.

CT (Hatchback)

2011USD 3950 – USD 14080
2015USD 5890 – USD18530
2017USD 9750 – USD 33420
2021USD 24900 – USD 28790
2023USD 30000 – USD 59000
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The Lexus CT is a compact luxury hybrid hatchback known for its sleek design, fuel efficiency, and eco-friendly performance. Offering a smooth ride and upscale interior, it blends luxury with sustainability. With its agile handling and advanced technology features, the Lexus CT delivers a refined driving experience.


lexus CT 2011 engine

The Lexus CT offers a single-engine option: a 1.8-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine paired with an electric motor, creating a hybrid powertrain. Together, they produce a total system output of 134 horsepower. This engine configuration emphasizes fuel efficiency while providing adequate power for urban and highway driving scenarios.

Lexus CT Fuel efficiency offering boasts impressive fuel efficiency, around 17km/l to 19km/l in combined city and highway driving conditions.

The Lexus CT impresses with its efficient hybrid powertrain, offering sufficient horsepower for daily driving. While not designed for sports performance, its reliability and fuel efficiency stand out. However, some may find its sporty aesthetics lacking, preferring a more aggressive design for spirited driving experiences.

ES (Sedan)

2010USD 3250 – USD 6823
2016USD 15703 – USD 25027
2018USD 20072 – USD 59130
2022USD 28780 – USD 143430
2023USD 37018 – USD 143430
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The Lexus ES is a four-door sedan, and a midsize luxury known for its comfort, refinement, and advanced technology features, offering a premium driving experience.


2019 LEXUS ES engine
2019 LEXUS ES Interior

Engine: 2.5L A25A-FXS I4 and 3.5 V6
Electric motor: 118 hp – 215 hp
Battery: 300h
Combined output: 215 hpTransmission: Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy: 23.4 km/L

What does lexus es stand for?

The acronym “ES” in Lexus stands for “Executive Sedan,” emphasizing the vehicle’s focus on providing a luxurious and comfortable driving experience suited for executive-level individuals. It denotes refinement, sophistication, and a blend of performance with upscale amenities, making it an ideal choice for discerning drivers seeking comfort and style.

Writer’s perspective

The model offers a luxurious interior, blending comfort with advanced technology. However, its emphasis on luxury may compromise its sportiness. The horsepower, while adequate for most drivers, may not satisfy enthusiasts seeking exhilarating performance. Overall, it excels in comfort and technology but may lack in sporty dynamics.

GS Hybrid (Sedan)

2005USD 5320 – USD 6700
2013USD 12350 – USD 15490
2016USD 20100 – USD 24900
2020USD 23150 – USD 35030
2023USD 45330 – USD 67040
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Engine: 3.5L 2GR-FXE V6 hybrid producing 217 kW (291 hp; 295 PS)
Electric motor: 147 kW (197 hp; 200 PS)
Battery: 230.4 – 650V nickel-metal hydride battery

Combined output: 256 kW (343 hp; 348 PS)Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy:18.2 km/L.

What does Lexus GS stand for?

The “GS” designation in Lexus stands for “Grand Sedan,” representing the model’s positioning as a luxurious and upscale sedan in the Lexus lineup. It denotes a focus on providing a grand and sophisticated driving experience, characterized by premium amenities, advanced technology, and refined craftsmanship throughout the vehicle.

Writer’s perspective

The Lexus GS offers a blend of sportiness and luxury, with available all-wheel drive enhancing its handling. However, it may lack the dynamic edge of some rivals. While spacious and comfortable, its focus leans towards luxury rather than outright performance, catering more to comfort-oriented drivers than sport enthusiasts.

IS (Sedan)

2008USD 2520 – USD 2640
2010USD 2530 – USD 3380
2014USD 2610 – USD 3980
2021USD 24070 – USD 59130
2022USD 29540 – USD 71790
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The Lexus IS sedan, introduced in 1999, is a four-door compact executive car available in all-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive layouts. Initially known as the Toyota Altezza until 2005, it’s now in its third generation. Notable standard features include SRS airbags, pre-collision system, ABS, EBD, keyless entry, cruise control, parking sensors, air conditioning, power windows, power steering, brake assist, and VSC.


Engine: 2.5L 4GR-FSE V6 – 3.5L 2GR-FSE V6
Electric motor: 141 hp – 215 hp
Battery: 1.3kWh – 2.0 kWh

Combined output: 220 hp – 260 hp transmission: an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (ECVT)

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy: 10.0 km/L.

silver sedan front of lexus is
silver sedan back of lexus is

Writer’s perspective

The Lexus IS offers a balanced blend of sportiness and luxury, with available all-wheel drive enhancing traction and handling. However, its sporty appeal may compromise some comfort, and its sedan body style may not cater to those seeking SUV versatility.

What is VSC in Lexus?

VSC in Lexus stands for Vehicle Stability Control, a safety feature designed to enhance vehicle stability and control. It helps prevent skidding and loss of traction by automatically applying individual brakes and adjusting engine power. VSC improves handling and reduces the risk of accidents, especially during slippery road conditions.

RC (Coupe)

2014USD 12650 – USD 25430
2017USD 13430 – USD 24850
2020USD 27000 – USD 59540
2022USD 34780 – USD 43990
2023USD 41290 – USD 42250
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Introduced in 2014, the Lexus RC coupe is a compact luxury car featuring a 2-door design. It offers both front-engine and all-wheel-drive/rear-wheel-drive options. Serving as the coupe variant of the Lexus IS XE30, it boasts standard and safety features such as power-adjustable seats, premium audio, navigation, and advanced safety technologies.


2016 lexus rc engine
2016 lexus rc interior

The Lexus RC offers two engine options: the RC 200t/300 features a 2.0L 8AR-FTS straight-4 turbo petrol engine generating 245 PS (180 kW) with a fuel economy of 13.0 km/L. The RC 350 comes equipped with a 3.5L 2GR-FSE/2GR-FKS V6 petrol engine producing 318 PS (234 kW) with a fuel economy of 9.8 km/L.


An electronically controlled automatic transmission and an automatic continuously variable transmission.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy: 9.8 km/L.

What does RC stand for in Lexus?

In Lexus, “RC” stands for “Radical Coupe.” It represents Lexus’ vision of a bold and innovative coupe design that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions. The “RC” designation signifies a departure from traditional coupe styling, emphasizing modernity, performance, and luxury in a distinctive and dynamic package.

Writer’s perspective

The Lexus RC combines sportiness and luxury, offering all-wheel drive (AWD) for enhanced traction and handling. Its sleek sedan design exudes sophistication. However, while it excels in comfort and style, its sporty appeal may be overshadowed by rivals known for more dynamic driving experiences.


2015USD 12650 – USD 25430
2016USD 13430 – USD 24850
2020USD 27000 – USD 59540
2023USD 34780 – USD 43990
Lexus NX Price List in Be Forward Official Site

Introduced in 2014, the Lexus NX is a compact crossover SUV featuring five doors. It offers a front-engine layout with the option of four-wheel or front-wheel drive. Standard features include SRS airbags, ABS, EBD, radar cruise control, traction control, brake assist, VSC, pre-collision system, air conditioning, power windows, and door locks.


2014 LEXUS NX Engine
2014 LEXUS NX Interior

Engine: 2.0L 3ZR-FAE straight-4, 2.0L 8AR-FTS straight-4 turbo, and 2.5L 2AR-FXE gasoline hybrid
Electric motor: 50kW to 150kW
Battery: 1.9kWh to 7.2kWh
Combined output: 194 hp – 235 hp
Transmission: an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (ECVT)

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy: 19.8 km/L – 21.0 km/L.

Writer’s perspective

The Lexus NX offers a blend of sporty design and all-wheel drive (AWD) capability, providing confidence in various road conditions. However, its sporty appearance may not translate to dynamic driving performance, and its compact SUV design might compromise interior space compared to larger models.

What is the difference between lexus nx and rx?

The Lexus NX and RX differ primarily in size and seating capacity. The NX is a compact SUV, offering a smaller footprint and seating for up to five passengers. In contrast, the RX is a midsize SUV, providing more interior space and the option for a third row, accommodating up to seven passengers.

HS (Sedan)

2000USD 2450 – USD 3980
2010USD 4430 – USD 8360
2011USD 4150 – USD 9430
2012USD 4640 – USD 965
Lexus HS Price List in Be Forward Official Site

Introduced in 2009 and discontinued in 2018, the Lexus HS sedan is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive hybrid car. It boasts a range of features including a Mark Levinson premium sound system, Lexus Enform telematics service, pop-up navigation, infotainment system with Remote Touch controller, pre-collision safety system, radar adaptive cruise control, Lane Keep Assist, Intelligent high-beam, driver monitoring system, and Wide-View Front and Rear-View backup cameras.


Engine: 2.4L 2AZ-FXE straight-4 petrol hybrid
Electric motor: 120-horsepower (90 kW) permanent magnet electric motor.
Battery: 1.6kWh – 1.9kWh

Combined output: 140 kW (188 hp; 190 PS)Transmission: an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (ECVT)

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy: 19.8 km/L – 20.6 km/L.

Writer’s perspective

The Lexus HS hybrid offers impressive fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, ideal for eco-conscious drivers. Its advanced technology and luxurious features provide a comfortable driving experience. However, limited trunk space and higher initial cost may deter some buyers seeking more practicality and affordability in their vehicles.


2015USD 10160 – USD 42000
2017USD 19850 – USD 44417
2021USD 30860 – USD 69130
2023USD 46080 – USD 143430
Lexus HS Price List in Be Forward Official Site

The Lexus RX, a 5-door crossover SUV, debuted in 1998, formerly known as the Toyota Harrier until 2013. It offers a front-engine layout with options for front-wheel or four-wheel drive. Now in its fourth generation, it boasts standard features like a 12.3-inch Multimedia Display, Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound, 3-D Navigation, ventilated leather seats, Heads-Up Display, keyless entry, and cruise control.


Engine: 2.0L 8AR-FTS turbocharged gasoline, 3.5L 2GR-FXS V6 hybrid
Electric motor:

Combined output: Transmission:  eCVT

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy:11.8 km/l – 18.8km/l

Writer’s perspective

The Lexus RX offers a luxurious driving experience with advanced features and refined comfort, making it appealing to discerning buyers. However, its pricing can be higher compared to competitors, and some may find its handling less engaging than sportier SUVs in its class.

LS (Sedan)

2007USD 3430 – USD 33080
2010USD 4700 – USD 16290
2013USD 8350 – USD 29150
2019USD 22850 – USD 54650
2022USD 57720 – USD 83230
Lexus LS Price List in Be forward Official Site

The Lexus LS sedan, a full-size 4-door luxury car, debuted in 1989 and now thrives in its fifth generation. It epitomizes refinement and luxury, boasting a plethora of features such as a 12-speaker Premium Audio System, Dynamic Voice Command, leather-trimmed assist grips, panoramic display monitor with Cornering View system, remote touchpad for multimedia and navigation access, 10 airbags, Lane Tracing Assist, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, and Road Sign Assist.

The Lexus LS offers two powertrain options: The LS 500 features a 3.4L V6 twin-turbo engine generating 309 kW (415 hp) with a fuel economy of 10.2 km/L. Meanwhile, the LS 500h incorporates a 3.5L 8GR-FXS V6 paired with Lexus multi-stage hybrid drive, a Multistage eCVT, and Automatic Transmission, achieving fuel efficiency ranging between 14.4 km/L – 16.4 km/L.

The Lexus LS embodies luxury and refinement with its sophisticated design and advanced technology, offering a serene driving experience. However, its high price point may be prohibitive for some buyers, and its handling characteristics might not appeal to those seeking a more dynamic driving experience.

GS (Sedan)

2007USD 2260 – USD 8290
2017USD 13000 – USD 43350
2020USD 24500 – USD 46610
2022USD 32890 – USD 69500
Lexus LS Price List in Be forward Official Site

The Lexus GS, a luxury sedan, debuted in 1993 with both all-wheel and rear-wheel drive configurations. Spanning four generations, it boasts standard features like electric power steering, variable gear ratio steering, integrated Siri Eyes Free mode, flush-mounted sensors, head-up display, blind-spot monitor, rear cross-traffic alert, power-folding mirrors, LED fog lamps, 18-inch wheels, air conditioning, Mark Levinson surround sound system and cruise control.


The Lexus GS offers two engine options: The GS 250 features a 2.5L 4GR-FSE V6 engine generating 215 PS (158 kW), while the GS 350 is powered by a 3.5L 2GR-FKS V6 engine producing 318 PS (234 kW). Lexus hybrid vehicles generally feature electric motors with power outputs ranging from around 50 kW to 150 kW, depending on the model’s design and configuration.

Both engines achieve a fuel economy of 10.8 km/L.

Fuel Efficiency

Both engines achieve a fuel economy of 10.8 km/L.

Writer’s perspective

The Lexus GS offers refined luxury, advanced technology, and a smooth driving experience, appealing to discerning buyers. However, it may lack the sporty dynamics found in some competitors, and its design could be seen as less distinctive compared to other luxury sedans in its class.

Final Verdict

Lexus stands as a paragon of automotive excellence, epitomizing luxury, reliability, and innovation. With a global reputation for superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, Lexus vehicles consistently redefine automotive standards. From sedans to SUVs and hybrids, Lexus offers a diverse lineup catering to various preferences and lifestyles. The brand’s commitment to quality ensures an unparalleled driving experience, characterized by refined performance, opulent interiors, and advanced safety features. Lexus’s relentless pursuit of perfection extends beyond the realm of automobiles, fostering a culture of excellence and customer satisfaction. As a leader in the luxury automotive sector, Lexus continues to inspire admiration and set benchmarks for the industry. Explore the BE FORWARD store for a wide selection of vehicles with excellent fuel economy.




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