11 Nissan Cars with Great Fuel Economy

Fuel economy should be at the top of your list of considerations when shopping for a car. In today’s market, fuel-efficient cars may seem pricier than their gas-guzzling competitors. However, low fuel operational costs help prove these vehicles to be a better, much more affordable investment over time.

In light of this, it is important for buyers to make smart economical considerations when out shopping for cars.

Which Nissan Cars Have the Best Fuel Economy?

If you’re looking for fuel-efficient options, we’re certain you’ll love the numerous options offered by the Nissan brand. We’ll be looking to divulge more in our analysis today.

MarchMuranoElgrandVanette Van
CubeDualisAd Van

Best Fuel Efficient Nissan Hatchbacks

Which Nissan hatchbacks feature long-lasting tank time? Read below to find out.

Nissan Note

The Nissan Note seems like a conventional hatchback. In truth, it offers so much more, especially in the space department. The interior is family-friendly and has some glimpses of versatility.

Nissan Note Features and Fuel Economy

That said, the Nissan Note is no bore on the road. We’re certain you’ll enjoy making a number of trips behind the wheel of this car. The manufacturers outdid themselves by installing extras into the Note, all for your driving pleasure. Some features include power windows, power steering, and a center console color display.

In terms of fuel economy, the Nissan Note fares reasonably well. The petrol engine averages between 14.7 to 16.9km/L, while the diesel engine registers about 19.6km/L.

nissan note fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan Note Cars

How does Nissan’s Note hatchback stand up against Toyota’s best? Find out in our Nissan Note vs Toyota Ractis comparison here.

Nissan March

This car has been marveled upon by driving enthusiasts for quite a while now. If you happen to favor control over everything else, then, you’ll definitely love hitting the road in a Nissan March.

Nissan March Features and Fuel Economy

What’s interesting about the Nissan March is that it impresses even on rough terrain. It is able to do so thanks to the presence of high-execution suspensions that smoothen out the driving experience.

The exteriors on display are quite impressive. The Nissan March features a chiseled out front and sides. Also, the March features power windows, along with an AUX input for full control of your driving entertainment.

Having said that, it’s important to note that the interior is just as impressive. There’s an abundance of space in the car and driving within cityscapes is quite a breeze. The average fuel consumption of the Nissan March is 14.3km/L.

nissan march fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan March Cars

Nissan Cube

The Nissan Cube has a unique interior and exterior. This means that you have a vast sitting and storage space at your disposal.

Nissan Cube Features and Fuel Economy

The Cube comes with a 1.4L four-cylinder engine. The hood department is quite robust since it produces about 95 horsepower at an impressive 5,600 rpm. Some models come with power windows, air conditioning and heating, as well as a center console display to control the entertainment system.

Driving the Nissan Cube is quite satisfying. The car is able to handle both speed bumps and potholes without much drama. The vehicle averages 11.1km/L when it comes to fuel consumption.

nissan cube fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan Cube Cars

Best Fuel Efficient Nissan SUVs

These Nissan SUVs let you dominate the road without getting dominated by high fuel prices.

Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail exudes style and comfort. The build is solid, the interior trims are quality and the exterior has a clean finish.

Nissan X-Trail Features and Fuel Economy

Under the hood, the Nissan X-Trail has a full aluminum engine that produces 125Kw of power with an impressive 226Nm torque. This means that the X-Trail is able to offer great power on driving on both highways and off-roading.

The Nissan X-Trail offers great space, fantastic ergonomics, great comfort levels, and four-wheel drivability. The fact that it has a consumption rate of 9.7km/L further adds to the appeal.

nissan x-trail fue economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan X-Trail Cars

Nissan Murano

This four-wheel drive vehicle boasts great comfort levels. Not only does it have great handling in city environments, but you’re also assured of a smooth ride when journeying on rough terrain. This has a lot to do with the independent suspensions all around the vehicle.

Nissan Murano Features and Fuel Economy

The Nissan Murano has a power steering and the ABS system controls disc brakes at each turn.

This crossover has an impressively luxurious interior and exterior. You’ll find great leather upholstery and a central console system on the inside. Other features include power windows and steering, as well as a CD and DVD player.

The Murano averages a fuel consumption rate of 8.1km/L.

nissan murano fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan Murano Cars

Nissan Dualis

This compact SUV has a dial-operated all-wheel-drive system while some variants come with 2WD functionality.

What’s the driving like? Smooth. Handling? Superb. You’ll enjoy hitting the road in the Nissan Dualis and getting a breath of that fresh air with the windows down.

Nissan Dualis Features and Fuel Economy

The seats are considerably higher which means that mounting and dismounting is an easy-peasy process. There’s a timing engine, which ensures you don’t have to spend loads of cash just for service. Some highlight features of the Dualis include a sunroof, rear spoiler, and a DVD player.

The average fuel consumption is 11.1km/L.

nissan dualis fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan Dualis Cars

Best Fuel Efficient Minivans/Wagons

These fuel-efficient Nissan minivans let you spend more money on your family and less money on petrol.

Nissan Serena

Through the years, Nissan Serena has espoused the same qualities, spacious comfort and flexibility. Notably, the Nissan Serena also has a fantastic exterior, which further adds to the allure.

As if to add more shine, the manufacturers installed some extra chrome decorations to compliment the whole look.

Nissan Serena Features and Fuel Economy

When it comes to fuel efficacy, the Nissan Serena excels. The manufacturers have fitted an Idling Stop System that supports an ECO mode. In essence, whenever the car is motionless, the engine stops thereby making massive fuel savings. You’ll be glad to hear that the average fuel consumption rate on the Nissan Serena is about 11.9km/L.

nissan serena fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan Serena Cars

Nissan Elgrand

This excellent family vehicle has a spacious interior and comfy seats. You’ll enjoy the calm and serene rides in the Elgrand, especially as you cruise through highways. Long distance traveling is also favorable with the Elgrand because of the relatively quiet drive and minimal road noise.

Nissan Elgrand Features and Fuel Economy

The electric slide doors make the Elgrand perfect for making school drop-offs. If you have issues with parking, you’ll find it easy to drive the Nissan Elgrand because of the reversing cameras fitted on the car.

In terms of fuel economy, the Elgrand registers an average of about 9.8km/L.

nissan elgrand fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan Elgrand Cars

Nissan Ad Van

This compact wagon is specifically built for transporting cargo and humans from one place to another. In a bid to win over more fans, the vehicle has undergone a considerable revamp through the years.

Nissan Ad Van Features and Fuel Economy

The interior and exterior designs are now more graceful which makes the vehicle the perfect multi-purpose car. It can be used as both a passenger car thanks to the comfort levels and as a delivery vehicle because of the spacious trunk. It comes with a radio and CD player in most models, along with power windows and steering.

The average fuel consumption of the Nissan Ad Van is 11.9km/L.

nissan ad van fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan Ad Van Cars

Best Fuel Efficient Nissan Vans

Move more, spend less. Try these Nissan vans for a great fuel-efficient option.

Nissan Caravan

The vast amount of space on the Nissan Caravan makes it ideal for commercial use. That said, it can still do the trick when employed for other ventures like hobby time and leisure.

Nissan Caravan Features and Fuel Economy

With an exterior that exudes style and comfort, the Nissan Caravan leaves many vehicles in its wake. The ultra-modern, crisp look, comes off incredibly well.

Other variants like a beautiful interior and a push-to-start engine further solidify this vehicle as a fan favorite. Given the fact that it boasts a fuel consumption rate of 7.7km/L, it’s easy to see why this vehicle is highly regarded.

nissan caravan fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan Caravan Cars

Nissan Vanette Van

This vehicle comes with a rear-view camera to ease parking in tight spaces, power windows, and intelligent keys. If you live and work within the city, you’ll love the cup holders because of the convenience.

Nissan Vanette Van Features and Fuel Economy

With safety features like side bags, an electronic brake force distribution, and standard airbags, it’s safe to say the Nissan Vanette Van ticks all the right boxes. Expectedly, the Nissan Vanette van excels on bumpy roads since it offers absolute comfort.

The Nissan Vanette averages about 8.9km/L, making it one of the most fuel-efficient cars in the market.

nissan vanette van fuel economy

Browse Fuel Efficient Nissan Vanette Van Cars

More Reasons to Buy Nissan Besides Fuel Efficiency

You can always count on Nissan to offer safety, grace, quality, and fuel efficiency when out on the road. Not only do you get to have more funds to spend in your wallet, but you also get to explore different terrains like royalty.

Therefore, if you’re looking to really experience some considerable savings, look no further than Nissan because of the excellent fuel efficiency.

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